From Connections: Apocalypse Now: Coming to a congregation near you!

By Darlene Warren

BIG SANDY, Texas--I, your sister and companion in this end-time era of bickering and backbiting, was in my backyard when I heard behind me a loud voice calling to me and saying: "Write these things down and send them to Dixon."

And, when I turned to see who had sneaked up behind me, I saw, as it were, a vision. And in that vision I saw seven brothers standing behind seven lecterns, and in their right hand they held a scroll. In their left hand they held the Word of God.

Nightmare in the backyard

I was afrightened, for I had seen these brothers before, and I knew their wrath and had heard their voices. The first brother stood before me and in his right hand he held a scroll, and the words from his scroll flowed from his mouth like honey, words like unto "you are my brother," and 'servant leadership," having the form but lacking the substance thereof.

I begged for his mercy, and he turned to the others and they consulted among themselves and I was spared by a narrow margin.

The second brother stepped forward and began to read from his scroll, speaking of beasts and false prophets and all manner of strange things. He spoke of prophecies to shortly come to pass and the meaning of such. And he called himself the second end-time apostle.

Teacher's rules

The third brother was like unto the second, only he breathed thunder and lightning to whom it may concern, and he held fast to his lectern.

Behold, another brother stepped forth. He opened his scroll and warned of the dangers of Hillel and he led the "Later-Date Saints," and they proved all things unto themselves.
Four brothers have spoken, and, behold, there come three more brothers afterward.

There was one called the "Teacher," and he challenged the Later-Date saints, saying "there's not enough data" to arrive at a firm conclusion on God's Sacred Calendar, but there are enough data to conclude our Lord and Savior was born in the fall season. Therefore, tonight we shall sing silently to celebrate His birth.

And there was another brother like unto the first End-Time Apostle, but not that Great One, and not the little one. His tongue was silver, and he spoke of newborn souls and life and spirits of men.

Everybody dance

Everywhere I looked, more brothers were stepping forward and reading from their scrolls. And there were those who called themselves lovers of freedom, and they refused to step forward like the rest.

Among the brothers, there were those called "Jews for Jesus," and they spoke strange words, and there was much blowing of shofars and Davidic dancing.

Without warning, the next brother came forth, and I knew there was none like unto him. His eyes bulged and he cast down fiery words that made little children and women cry. At second glance, his scroll wasn't a scroll, but a rod, and he used it to beat upon the lectern, and he spoke of spankings and God's government upon the earth.

I trembled and hid my face from his presence.

When at last I lifted my head, I saw not seven but many men (and one woman), each with a scroll in his (or her) right hand, and God's Word in his (or her) left. They were gesticulating, and their faces burned red with anger, and they no longer held God's Word in their hand. Instead, it lay at their feet.

And there appeared a great wonder, the woman, and she came forth, and she read from her scroll, and she challenged the Later-Date Saints, refusing to "follow a guru."

And the woman made war with the Later-Date Saints.

Watch the back hand

Then I, your sister and companion, looked and there appeared in the midst of the brothers a strong hand from somewhere. It was a big hand, and it smacked each of the brothers in the head, lovingly, of course.

The big hand then reached down and picked up God's Word, placed it back in the brothers' hands and said to each of them: "Smarten up. You're brothers, for Pete's sake. Know you not the time is coming when it won't matter what's in your scrolls?"

I said to the Strong Hand: "I hear, but I don't understand. What is the meaning of this?" He said: "Don't be an idiot. Isn't it obvious?"

And I testify, if anyone reads these words, and adds or detracts meaning from these words and takes offense by these words, may a strong hand from somewhere find you and lay his hand upon you, lovingly, of course.

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