What's in issue No. 49, Feb. 28, 2001?

The Churches of God make the news in February as subjects of a front-page report in The Wall Street Journal. As a result, The Wall Street Journal is itself in the news among members of the Churches of God.

The Wall Street Journal gives the WCG-PCG Mystery of the Ages story wide front-page play. Journal writer Bill Stough reports on two church's legal dispute involving the book written by the founder of the Worldwide Church of God.

The Wall Street Journal reporter who covered the WCG-PCG story says the tale of the WCG-PCG lawsuit is one of a kind.

Woe to the Philadelphia Church of God if it publishes Mr. Armstrong's book, notes The Wall Street Journal. The Journal: News of the Churches of God reprints in its entirety the front-page article from the Feb. 21, 2001, WSJ.

Two independent Church of God (Seventh Day) congregations plan a convention to target young adults.

The editor of The Sabbath Sentinel, published by the Bible Sabbath Association, resigns because of the racism he sees in some who appear in the BSA's directory.

The Journal gets mail.

On the "Columns and Commentary" pages, Richard Nickels pens his thoughts on what Wall Street Journal readers must think of the Churches of God after reading the WSJ's Feb. 21 article; Rob Elliott says Herbert W. Armstrong's legitimacy as a servant of God bears "on our own legitimacy as Christians"; Dave Havir says flawed theories can erode the credibility of teachers of scriptural truths; Barry Gannon recalls a light coming on during a 1989 Passover service; and Brian Knowles argues that arguing with authoritarians can be hazardous to your health.

A Missouri teenager publishes a magazine for Christian girls.

Responding to a reader's January letter, Alan Knight says it's important not to confuse salvation with justification in the "grace alone" debate.

Norman Edwards, in his essay, hopes Church of God members learn important lessons from the Wall Street Journal article.

In his essay, Peter Kamen says he thinks the "emotional aspect" of Jesus' sacrifice was perhaps of greatest importance.

Is there any hope for a balanced view of prophecy? wonders Ian Boyne. Mr. Boyne reviews a book "Hope Against Hope: Christian Eschatology in Contemporary Context."

The Worldwide Church of God announces nontraditional Feast of Tabernacles dates for 2001.

Ray Wooten plans a series of UCM seminars to aid in godly relationships.

"Notes and Quotes" reports plans for women's conferences in May and June in Georgia and Texas--and more.

In Connections, Darlene Warren reveals divine secrets of a highly motivated sisterhood.

Connections runs classified ads (including prayer requests).

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