COGs make the news in February

The Churches of God found themselves in the news in February as subjects of a front-page report in The Wall Street Journal. As a result, The Wall Street Journal is itself in the news among members of the Churches of God.

The WSJ ran an article Feb. 21 about the Worldwide Church of God's suing the Philadelphia Church of God over Herbert W. Armstrong's 1985 book Mystery of the Ages. Thanks to the WSJ article, COG Internet forums were abuzz for days.

The Journal reprints the WSJ article beginning on this page. Bill Stough's lead article about the WCG-PCG lawsuit, as well as his interview with WSJ writer Jess Bravin, also begins on this page.

As well, Norman Edwards, Dave Havir and Richard Nickels comment for The Journal on the WSJ's view of the COGs and related topics. See pages 3 and 11.

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