Philadelphia Church of God founder Gerald Flurry
in Texas for campaign, talks about lawsuit
(Part 2)
By Dixon Cartwright

Why is 'Mystery' important?

On his second night in Tyler, Mr. Flurry addressed 115 people and continued the message he had begun the night before. He made additional comments about the court victory of Feb. 8 (see the interview beginning on page 1 for more details) and asked his audience: "Why is Mystery of the Ages so important to you?"

Mr. Armstrong's last book is important because it is the "heart of the restoration" that the end-time Elijah was destined to undertake and complete. Mystery of the Ages "removes all the mystery out of the Bible. The book will help you understand the Bible, and that's why Mr. Armstrong called it the second-most important book one earth. We believe that Mystery of the Ages is the No. 1 message that God wants us to get to the world."

Mr. Flurry quoted Mr. Armstrong as saying he was "like a scribe" and the text of Mystery of the Ages "was just poured into my mind."

"Now, if that's true," said Mr. Flurry, "if God was really pouring that into his mind, and we certainly believe that He was, then that was really God's goal of reaching the largest audience possible. Mr. Armstrong wasn't able to finish that, so it's an unfinished work, and that's where we come in."

Mr. Flurry's theme for the campaign, about a voice crying out "again," takes its inspiration from Revelation 10:11, which exhorts the apostle John to repeat his prophecies: "And he said to me, 'You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings.'"

"Why did he say prophesy again?" asked Mr. Flurry. "Because somebody stopped the work before it was finished. He said, 'I want you to prophesy again. I want you to get Mystery of the Ages to the largest audience possible.'"

The 7,000 brethren of the Philadelphia Church of God are proclaiming a powerful message "unequaled by almost anybody," he said.

"Among the people of God, the only ones who are having a significant impact are this church. Now, why is that?"

When those 7,000 people flee to a place of safety, he said, "they'll know who took them . . . When it comes to pass, then they shall know that a prophet was among them. This is talking about a work that comes after Herbert Armstrong [and] after the sword . . . Then they'll really know it was a message from God."

The little book

Mr. Flurry broached the subject of the "little book" of Revelation 10:2-10.

"There will be a little book that comes on the scene, and what could that be? I think you know we believe very deeply it is Malachi's Message. But it really starts with Mystery of the Ages. God uses Malachi's Message to let the church know how they've sinned against the book and many other doctrines and issues of God. But God warns us, whether it's the church or whether it's the world, when that little book comes on the scene you're going to see things speed up like never before.

". . . Now, if Mr. Armstrong was the end-time Elijah, if that book was poured into his mind like he said it was and he was like a scribe just typing it and writing down as fast as he could, then that must be a communication from God Himself. It must be. It must be. And it's already been given to this church, and it ought to be finished.

"You know why it isn't? Because the people of God turned away. That's why the little book is necessary. I'm telling you God poured that little book into my mind the same way. I tell you I did not write it. That is a message from God. Most people are going to scoff at that, but one day they're going to believe it, because it's from God."

To understand that Malachi's Message is the "little book," one must understand the "main book," which is Mystery of the Ages, which is "a great and wonderful message from God, a message of hope, the second-most-important book on this earth."

What is the church's commission? "We have to finish the job, we have to prophesy again. You know what that's really about? It's about Herbert Armstrong, and it's about a church falling way and failing to do what they should have done."

Mr. Flurry said he could point to scriptures that show that every "Laodicean" will have to die, even though "all of it is unnecessary."

"Prophesying again," he reiterated, "refers specifically to Mystery of the Ages, as I wrote in Royal Vision [a magazine for PCG members]. I believed that if I didn't get this book [Mystery of the Ages] out I would lose my salvation. And, frankly, I believe this will happen to everyone in God's church if they don't believe it. We are judged by how we publish Mystery of the Ages . . . Mr. Armstrong said the greatest gift I could give you is Mystery of the Ages, and the greatest gift we could give to the world is Mystery of the Ages. That book is the hope of this world.

"Mystery of the Ages is a summary of Mr. Armstrong's entire work, and I don't care how much people criticize or what they say, you can take that one book and you can evaluate your spiritual life and you can tell how to get going spiritually, and you can't say that about any other book. Obviously the Bible is far more important, but I believe that the main part of this work is getting Mystery of the Ages out to this world and prophesying again."

Mr. Flurry said that as Mr. Armstrong lay dying in 1985 and 1986 he commissioned the senior Mr. Tkach (who died in 1995) to "unify the church." But Mr. Flurry thinks that Mr. Tkach, in relaying Mr. Armstrong's exhortation to the brethren, left something out.

"I had a feeling he left out part of the commission, because how do you unify a church? I believe you unify a church by telling them to get this message [Mystery of the Ages] to the biggest audience possible. That brings us together, and there isn't any other way to unite God's people."

Because the Churches of God haven't rallied to carry out Mr. Armstrong's commission of unifying the church, they have become a "spectacle to the world."

"They won't get together and rally around the commission that God Himself has given this church."

Mr. Flurry concluded by stating his belief that "you and I are judged by how well we do that."

By giving the Philadelphia Church of God a victory in its day in court, God is telling the brethren to get the work done, "and that means getting the book out to the largest audience possible. This is our No. 1 responsibility. And, really, what a glorious calling it is to be able to serve the great God and share the very throne of Jesus Christ when He gets back to this earth."

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