What's in issue No. 39, April 30, 2000?

The son of the donor of the original parcel of land that became the core of Ambassador University is "shocked" at the recent $8.5 million sale price. See the print version of The Journal. In an accompanying article, The Journal reports that the WCG treasurer calls the sale "an answer to prayer." See the print version of The Journal.

If you thought "The World Tomorrow" was the name of a radio broadcast nobody but its original sponsor could use, you were wrong. The World Tomorrow--with David McDermott--has aired in Britain for the last 12 months. See the print version of The Journal.

A congregation in Little Rock, Ark., called God Cares, We Cares is the latest in a line of Sunday-observing congregations to switch to seventh-day formal worship. Pastor Willie Brown encouraged his congregation to make the change last year. Lately members of God Cares, We Care have met with the Central Arkansas Church of God for Sabbath services.

Liberty Forum members meet in April in Big Sandy to talk about ways of preaching the gospel. Liberty Forum is an Internet discussion group of independent-minded Church of God folks who have been thinking of new and old ways to spread the Word. Topics at the conference include: How long could a real Proverbs 31 woman last in some COGs? Should children be allowed to partake of the bread, wine and foot-washing? Is letting your light shine a cop-out? See the print version of The Journal.

"Building the Next Church," a family conference to talk about what Church of God members can do to preserve the COGs' legacy and values for the next generation, is set to meet in Dallas in June. You're invited.

Letters in the April issue feature writers from Nairobi and Bombay; comments on the Worldwide Church of God's CG7 roots and Alan Knight's series on "primitive Christianity in crisis"; reminiscences from an Ambassador almuna; and more reaction to Ron Dart's controversial statements reported in the Feb. 29 issue.

Columns and editorials for April include Rod Lewis on the shifting winds among the COGs; Mike Linacre on taking that first difficult step; and Melvin Rhodes opining about the economics of reporting on Elian Gonzalez. Editorialists Ellis Stewart and Dave Havir comment from their own quite-different perspectives on the first five years of the United Church of God, an International Association. (Mr. Stewart is a UCG elder; Mr. Havir is not.)

The Journal lists Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2000.

In his fourth article in a series on "primitive Christianity," Alan Knight says the apostasy of the church at Thyatira is alive and well in the Sabbatarian community. In this article Mr. Knight gets specific. If you're interested in how law and grace can peacefully and profitably coexist, and what happens when law is denigrated and disparaged, you won't want to miss this article. See the print version of The Journal.

Pastor Ian Boyne reports on his latest round of baptisms in Jamaica. He updates Journal readers on the latest successes of his island ministry and takes the opportunity to assess other ministries, including Gerald Flurry's, Dave Pack's, Norm Edwards', Ron Dart's and Paul Haney's. See the print version of The Journal.

Two congregations in San Antonio, not affiliated with each other, combine for the Night to Be Much Observed, April 20.

The leader of the Church of God, an International Community, announces his engagement to be married. David Hulme says the wedding will be "small" and is planned for "the near future." See the print version of The Journal.

Points of Truth Christian Ministries announces a Feast site at Hot Springs, Ark.

"Notes and Quotes" notes the availability of a book that purports to show that the continent of Africa is home to 20 million Sabbatarians and tells how you can order a three-CD version of Mark Graham's "Songs for the Family of God" hymnal.

In Connections, advertising manager and columnist Darlene Warren remembers the summer of '72, when, she says, Church of God young people everywhere were breathing sighs of relief.

Guest columnist John Warren remembers a friend.

Connections runs classified ads (including prayer requests).

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