In January 2018, after a run of 21 years,
The Journal will come to an end

by Dixon Cartwright

After 21 years of publishing The Journal: News of the Churches of God, we plan to shut down this newspaper after three more issues. The writer and his wife, Linda, are publishers of The Journal.

The last issue, No. 202, will be dated Jan. 31, 2018, and be printed and mailed out the first week in February.

Since this is a subscription-based publication, many subscribers will still have issues due them past our shutdown date. For example, they may have recently renewed for 12 or 24 issues but they will receive only three more. Therefore, we at THE JOURNAL plan to mail refunds to subscribers who have paid for more than the length of their subscriptions.


Present plans are for our website,, to continue under the oversight of Alan Ruth. Alan has been the site's manager (webmaster) since August 2004.

Plans also are, over the next several months, to post an archive on the site of all 202 issues as PDFs, beginning with issue No. 1, published in February 1997.

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