ICG Minister Frank Scherich
dies in FOT accident

Frank Scherich, Intercontinental Church of God minister and Area Coordinator of several Western states, has died due to an accident incurred during the Feast of Tabernacles.

Mark Armstrong, president of ICG, announced the following.

We've just returned from a very well-attended and successful Feast of Tabernacles. But one major tragedy occurred in Galveston, TX where Minister and Area Coordinator Frank Scherich was struck and killed by an automobile as he tried to save his beloved dog, Buddy out of traffic. Buddy survived with only a broken leg.

Frank was a dear friend, beloved by many, survived by three sons, three daughters, seventeen grandchildren and six great grandchildren. He was one of two professional pilots who flew the Falcon business jet with my Dad, Garner Ted Armstrong.

His funeral is scheduled for Sunday, October 11, at 12:30 PM , planned through Eeds Funeral Home, to be held at the Angel Springs Event Center, Georgetown, Texas.


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