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7th Day Christian Assembly (Ken Swiger)
7th Day Church of God (Mark Carr)
7times Newsletter (Ken Browder)

A Faithful Version (Bible translation)
Abib of God
Abundant Living (David Liesenfelt)
A Congregation of the Church of God
A defense of god's spiritual law
A Faithful Version Bible (F. Coulter)
A Voice Cried Out (Daniel Dawson)
ACTS (Churches of God, 7th Day)
Against Hirelings (Tom Mahon)
Akron Fellowship
Alfred Church of God 7th Day (S. Kyner)
Alpha / Omega Christian Foundation
Ambassador College, Big Sandy Campus
Ambassador Watch (G. Rumney)
America and Britain's Future
Associates Online (E. Martin)
Associates for Scriptural Knowledge (E. Martin)

Believers in Christ Church of God
Berean: Daily Verse (Church of Great God)
Beyond Babylon (Blog by David Ben-Ariel)
Bible Advocate (Church of God Seventh Day)
Bible Blessings Christian Resources (J. Brooks)
Bible Prophecy (B. L. Cocherell)
Bible Research (B. L. Cocherell)
Bible Sabbath Association
Bible Tools (Church of the Great God)
Biblical Research Association (L. McGarity)
Biblical Truth Ministries (Fred Coulter)
Blow the Trumpet
Building Bridges
Born Again (Church of God Faithful Flock)
Born To Win (CEM - Ron Dart)
British-Israel Church of God (Peter Salemi)

Church of God New Mexico (John Shavers)
Church of God Northeast Ohio

Church of God Study Forum (Sanford Beattie)
Church of God Training for the Kingdom
Church of God In Truth (James Russell)
Church of God in Wales (Jonathan Bowles)
Church of God Vancouver (D. Campbell)
Church of God WebServants (Raymond Mills)
Church of God Web Services (Don Wheatley)
Church of God a Worldwide Association
Church of God Worldwide Min. (E. Timmons)
Church of the Sovereign God (B. Faulkner)
Churches of God (J. Throgmorton)
Churches of God Cyber Auxiliary (D. Deininger)
Churches of God Outreach Ministries
COGWriter (Bob Thiel)
Colorado Springs Church of God (7th Day)
Common Faith Network
Congregation of YHWH, Irving, TX
Congregational Fellowship of God (Don Wales)
Continuing Church of God (Bob Thiel)
Creator's Covenant
Crusade Church of God (Larry Lasiter)
Cry Aloud

Didactic Ministries (Rick Hoot)
Dove Songs (Barri Armitage)
Dynamic Christian Ministries (W. White)

Elect Alert
End Time Assembly of God
End Time Knowledge Revealed (Jim McGinn)
Ernest Martin Web Site
Eternal Church of God (Art Braidic)
Evidence of Truth (Dale Howard)
Ezekiel Watchman (Don Billingsley)

Faith Neworks Newsletter (Jim O'Brien)
Faith Once Delivered
Faithful Church of God in Laodicea
Feastgoer (Internet COG in Wisconsin)
Fellowship Choir Ministries (Ray Kurr)
Field Guide to Wild World of Religion
Frank W. Nelte Home Page
Friday Sunset (Hugh Buchanan)
Freedom Ministry (Dianne McDonnell)
Friends of the Sabbath (Australia) (C. White)

Garner Ted Armstrong
Giving & Sharing (Shirley Nickels)
God the Father
God's Church, Worldwide (R. Elliott)
God's Puzzle Solved (Art Mokarow)
Golden Sheaves
Grace and Knowledge (Doug Ward)
Great Commission Church of God (T. Bruns)
Guardian Ministries (David Antion)

Herbert Armstrong Research Centre
Hold Fast to All things (Dan Cohran)
Homeschool Helpers (D. White)
Hope of Israel Ministries (John Keyser)
House of God (R. Harmon)
Houston Church of God Fellowship
HWA Storehouse

I Saw the Light Ministries (T. Carpenter)
ICG Churches
Intercontinental Church of God (G. T. Armstrong) (Steven M. Collins)

Jacques Gauvin Religion
Jan Young's space
JWAust (Jerold Aust)

Keep the Sabbath (7th Day Church of God)
Keepers of the Way (Jim Rudd)
Ken Treybig Website

Lake of Fire BLOG
Legacy Institute
Let us Reason
Legacy Leader (Leon Sexton)
LifeNets BLOG (Victor Kubik)
Lion of Judah (Eric Snow)
Living Church of God (Roderick Meredith)
Living The Way (Jack Lane)

Marie's Library (Marie Casale)
Master's Table (Timothy Youngblood)
Meridian Church Of God Seventh Day
MessageWeek Ministries
Midnight Ministries (Malcolm Heap) (Steve Caswell)

Natural Congregation of Yahweh (Ed Imhoff)
News and Views BLOG (Craig White)
New Testament Evangelism (B. Jacobs)
Noah's Ark - Early Man (A. Mendez)
Northeast Church of God (Peter Kamen)

Pacific Church of God (Rick Railston)
Philadelphia Church of God (G. Flurry)
Pleasant Hills Christian Church

Radio4Living (John Jewell)
Reluctant Messenger (Chester Messenger)
Remnant Church of God (Rolland D. Wile)
Restored Church of God (Dave Pack)
Restored Truths of God (COG Faithful Flock)
Revelations of the Bible (Venie Keller)
Roger Waite's Web Site

Sabbath Central (Frank Olive)
Sabbath Church of God (Warren Zehrung)
Sabbath Day COG (Hot Springs) (F. Porter)
Sabbatarian Network (Daniel Love)
Sabbatarian Singles Fellowship Forum
Sabbath Meditations (Tony Stith) (Church of the Great God site)
Samuel Martin Blog
Servants’ News (Norm Edwards)
Shepherd's Voice Magazine (Jim Patterson)
Sighted Moon (Joseph Dumond)
Simple Truth (Mark Carr)
Sonia King's Web Site
State of the Heart Music Ministry (Ross Jutsum)
Steven M. Collins Web Site
Studies in the Word of God (Wayne Bedwell)

Teaching The Law (M. Joseph)
Teachings of the Apostle (COG Faithful Flock)
Ten Commandments
Ten Tribes BLOG (David Ben-Ariel)
The Ezekiel Watchman (COG Faithful Flock) (Internet COG in Wisconsin)
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
The Philadelphia Church (Homer Kizer)
Tomorrows World (Living Church of God)
Topical Bible Studies (Karen Ray)
Truth of God (F. Coulter)
Tulsa Church of God (L. Gregory)

United Church of God
UCG Christian Fellowship

Victor Kubik's Web Site
Voice in the Wilderness

Westside Church of God (Seventh Day)

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