What's in issue No. 20, Sept. 28, 1998?

  • Church of God members everywhere head for the Feast! You're invited to report on your Feast site for The Journal.

  • The Karens are the forgotten brethren. You used to see their pictures in The Worldwide News and hear stories about them from Ambassador students returning from the project in Thailand. Evangelists used to regale you with anecdotes about the Karens in sermons. But now they are our forgotten brethren. Read Leon Sexton's on-the-spot report.

  • A Church of God (Monrovia) elder, Brian Orchard, says consensus leads to mediocrity. "Leadership, on the other hand, is about taking people to places they hadn't dared to go."

  • The Independent Church of God, Cessnock, Australia, has 5,000 new members almost overnight.

  • A lawsuit involving evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong is settled out of court in Tyler, Texas.

  • In "Letters," readers comment on Y2K, the nature of Christ, and columnist Melvin Rhodes. Ray Wooten of United Christian Ministries wants to clear up misconceptions about a statement he made about a long-time Church of God member at her funeral.

  • In this month's editorials, David Antion tells how to predict which children will become criminals; Drury Sylvester follows up Gary North's August article about the Y2K computer problem; Dave Havir writes about "two heresies" church members may inadvertently adhere to; and Melvin Rhodes says the Churches of God can learn from the recent history of Eastern Europe.

  • The Journal publishes its third in a series of articles on the nature of Jesus Christ. In this issue Lon Lacey says the second member of the God family, who has always existed, became the Son; Gary Fakhoury concludes that Jesus was not the God of the Old Testament; and Anthony Buzzard discusses "preexistence" in the New Testament. Read The Journal's introduction to the series here; read the complete articles in the print version of The Journal, beginning with the July 31 issue.

  • The Church of God International starts a new Sabbath-school program.

  • Scarlett Stough reviews two books by Ronald Enroth about Christians in abusive situations.

  • A man sees an ad about the feast days in a Florida newspaper and as a result flies to Jamaica to find out more about them. Read Ian Boyne's report.

  • Bishop Edmond Carmody of the Diocese of Tyler provides details on the WCG's impending sale of the Ambassador University Texas property to a Catholic institution.

  • Read "Notes and Quotes" for reports on teddy bears, United and Global cooperation, the UCG-AIA's new Ten Commandments booklet and more.

  • For all the articles listed above, please see the Aug. 31, 1998, print version of The Journal: News of the Churches of God.

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