What's in issue No. 57, dated Oct. 31, 2001?

Several articles in this month's issue of The Journal concern the terrorist attacks, war, military service, pacifism and conscientious objection, especially as seen through the eyes and filtered through the beliefs of Church of God members.

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Jeff Booth, pastor of the Christian Church of God, Amarillo, Texas, delivered a bombshell of a Feast of Tabernacles sermon Oct. 2 in Treasure Island, Fla. Mr. Booth said Church of God members should support the war on terrorism, including militarily. Mr. Booth's sermon is the basis for The Journal's lead article for October.

The next day, 10 miles away, also on the Florida coast, a Feast site made up primarily of members of the Likeminds Internet forum talked about the same subject--after hearing about Mr. Booth's sermon. See the Indian Rocks Beach report in the October Feast reports.

The Journal interviewed Mr. Booth during the Feast to ask follow-up questions on his approach to military service and war. That interview is a sidebar to the lead article about Mr. Booth's sermon.

The Journal interviewed two longtime Church of God members--Ellis Stewart and Ewin Barnett--on the same subject. Mr. Stewart and Mr. Barnett both disagree with Mr. Booth, but they don't entirely agree with each other. See page 1 of the October issue for both interviews.

The Journal's editorial page continues the discussion. Rick Stanczak asks if war is justifiable personal self-defense. Robert Thiel explains the Living Church of God's view on military service and war, which closely follows that of Worldwide Church of God founder Herbert W. Armstrong. James McBride hoped to hear American leaders calling for repentance but was disappointed. Dave Havir asks if God is involved in terrorist attacks, citing three theories of how God could be involved. Ron Dart takes a new, hard look at vengeance. Brian Knowles lists seven ways to deal with evil.

The Oct. 31 issue includes the first reader reports from the Feast of Tabernacles 2001. Many Feast reporters note that sermons and other discussions at the sites touched on the war on terrorism and the aftermath of the events of Sept. 11.

In other Feast news, the organizer of a site in Clearwater, Fla., informed The Journal shortly before the Feast he was not welcome to attend Feast services. Robert Roenspies of Elgin, Ill., founder of the Church Outreach Project (COP), sent word to The Journal's publisher that he was not to show up at the COP's Feast observance. To find out why, see the print version of The Journal.

Letters to the editor in the Oct. 31 issue include reaction from a congregation in Tupelo, Miss., to an article in the Aug. 31 issue about the congregation's pastor's resignation. It also includes comments about R.C. Dick's "place of safety" essay in the Sept. 30. Because of several reader requests, The Journal here posts Mr. Dick's September essay in its entirety.

Gary Arvidson is still looking for David's tomb and responds to a reader's objections that finding it would desecrate it.

This issue of The Journal includes two pages almost full of pictures from Feast sites. See the print version of The Journal for photos from Florida, Oklahoma and Germany. The Journal plans to continue its Feast coverage, including photos, in November. See also The Journal's guidelines for Feast reports.

A suspicious envelope in the mail closes The Journal's printer in Gladewater, Texas, for a few hours in October.

Stuck in Lodi again? Read two books while you wait.

The BSA makes its new comprehensive Sabbath-keepers' directory of 400 groups and 1,600 congregations available.

"Notes and Quotes" reports the UCG's search for a new president and a memorial service for the sister of a WCG pastor who died in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

In Connections, Darlene mulls matters of military service and conscience.

Connections runs classified ads (including prayer requests).

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