Church of God Memorial
Elizabeth Anne Difranco


Elizabeth Anne Difranco, 22, died in her sleep on June 6, 2011. She was born October 5, 1988 in Rochester, NY. She moved from Missouri in March 2010 to live and work in Lansing, MI and attended services with the Church of God Fellowship in Haslett, MI. She was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 16 and had been suffering with seizures for quite some time. It is not known if this condition was related to her death.

A memorial for her was held June 11 at the Church of God Seventh Day Springvale Academy in Owosso, MI.

Elizabeth was buried in the Lebanon Cemetery in Lebanon, MO. She leaves behind her parents, Jim & Mary Difranco of Lebanon, MO and three brothers, Jamie, Daniel and David, all from Missouri and a grandmother, Edith Difranco.

For being such a young woman, Elizabeth left a great and lasting impact on brethren of all ages throughout the country.


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