What's in issue No. 16, May 31, 1998?

  • The largest congregation affiliated with the United Church of God, an International Association (Big Sandy, Texas), has split over governance. The articles about the split in the print version of The Journal are based on the Web-site updates about the Big Sandy crisis during May. However, the print version of The Journal includes later information and clarification and an "epilogue" not in the original Web-site versions. The print version includes the May 13 letter from Bob Dick to the Big Sandy brethren; the response written by pastor Dave Havir and the local board; a synopsis of the May 9 question-and-answer session; and much more.

  • The UCG-AIA seems to be heading for a split in the United Kingdom; the UCG congregations in the Philippines split in mid- and late May.

  • A UCG member and distributor of The Journal to Europe, Barbara Fenney, reports on walkouts during services of the UCG-UK and a personal view of the UCG-UK situation.

  • In an exclusive to The Journal, Scott Ashley, the managing editor of the UCG-AIA's publications, reports on The Good News and booklets.

  • Norm Edwards is publishing a new magazine called Shelter in the Word. How is it different from Mr. Edwards' Servants' News periodical? Shelter in the Word targets non-Church of God people. It is "to help its readers learn to study the Bible, on their own or with others, and to establish a lasting relationship with the Eternal," said Mr. Edwards.

  • Letters for the May issue include a reply to Heather van Doorn's letter in the April issue about the El Paso split; several comments on the Big Sandy situation; an update on Mark Graham's hymnal project; and what to do if you're visiting Louisville and you like grits.

  • Editorials, beginning on page 3, include former UCG Big Sandy board member Floyd Spears on the Big Sandy split (since the split Mr. Spears has not attended with either the United Church of God Big Sandy or the UCG-AIA congregation); suggestions on how to react if you're slandered (by Dave Havir); and the healthy approach of many in the younger generation to some of the church difficulties (Melvin Rhodes).

  • The Journal publishes an article by Norm Edwards from Servants' News: "Does God Have to Use Us to Preach His Final Message?" Mr. Edwards notes that much of the spoken and written speech of the brethren in the WCG breakaways is "completely baffling to new members."

  • The Joplin, Mo., congregation of the Global Church of God and the United Church of God Big Sandy get together for their traditional annual basketball games.

  • Another possible buyer may beat out Southern Military Institute for the boarded-up Ambassador University grounds. The campus could once again be home of a religious-based college.

  • One hundred forty-five of the brethren attended Unleavened Bread services with the CGI in Jamaica. Four of them are baptized. Ian Boyne, Jamaica pastors, reports.

  • The Journal publishes synopses of a few of the scores of Feast of Tabernacles sites and a listing of all of the sites the staff was aware of at press time.

  • The new Church of God, with 30-some elders, including evangelist David Hulme, seeks office space in Southern California and broadcasts from its new Web site.

  • Connections: Member to Member, the advertising supplement to The Journal published by Mark Farmer, increases to five pages with this issue (it's been four pages until now).

  • Rick Sherrod, an expert on the Church of God's teachings concerning the United States and British Commonwealth in prophecy, starts his Australian tour in June. Here's a schedule of the cities and times of his visit.

  • Giving & Sharing launches its third Web site.

  • Garner Ted Armstrong appoints seven new area coordinators and explains how the name "Intercontinental Church of God" came about.

  • An independent conference June 19-21 in Kentucky will feature Ron Dart, Ray Wooten, Michael Linacre and Jim O'Brien as speakers.

  • "Notes and Quotes" includes Mammy Watkins' obituary; the Tulsa UCG congregation in a three-way split; and the Bowling Green WCG's switch to Sunday.

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