What's in issue No. 14, March 30, 1998?

  • Fourth general conference of UCG convenes in Louisville. Article includes UCG elder's statement about CGI-UCG merger rumors.

  • At UCG General Conference: All four incumbents voted back in by elders; Les McCullough is new president of UCG.

  • Journal Writers Ejected From UCG Meeting: Dixon Cartwright and Bill Stough, both Journal writers attending the fourth general conference of elders of the United Church of God, an International Association, were escorted the afternoon of March 8 by hotel security personnel from the meeting after being asked to leave by Chairman Bob Dick of the church's council of elders.

  • The general conference of the United Church of God meets for the fourth time, in Louisville, Ky. Read complete story of election of new UCG president.

  • The Sabbath-Keepers' User's Group meets for the first time in Denver. In attendance, and sharing ideas and "tools," were representative members of the Seventh Day Baptist Church, Giving & Sharing, the Bible Sabbath Association, the International Bible Learning Center, Church of God Sabbath Day, the United Church of God, the Church of God (Seventh Day), Churches of God Outreach Ministries, the Seventh-day Adventist Church and others.

  • Representatives of the Church of God International attend the Churches of God Outreach Ministries' conference in Oklahoma. One topic on the agenda was a possible joint Feast site.

  • Several United Church of God employees and members leave their posts, including two members of the council of elders.

  • The general conference of the United Church of God ejects two Journal reporters from its meeting in Louisville, Ky.

  • Letters from our readers include comments on the Ken Westby interview and reaction to Ian Boyne's governance articles. It also includes much, much more.

  • John Warren writes an editorial arguing that the "Louisville session was not 'closed.'" He comments, from a parliamentarian's point of view, about the removal of two Journal reporters from the March 8 meeting in Louisville.

  • Scarlett Stough's editorial asks, "How do you replace a good name?" Have some people absconded with God's good name?

  • Dave Havir's editorial wonders how difficult it is for the brethren to forgive a minister. "Do you have any ministers whom you need to forgive?" he asks.

  • Melvin Rhodes' editorial speculates on why the Churches of God are scattering. Is the scattering proof that God is not happy with us?

  • Dead brains aren't cheap, says Diane Rhodes in her editorial. She asks elders and wives who were at Louisville: "What did you do when the two Journal guys were ejected?"

  • If you read Ian Boyne's articles on governance in February, you knew somebody would respond with another view. Jon D. Pike writes, in "Using a Trinitarian Approach, the Hierarchies Strike Back," his answer to Mr. Boyne and to Doug Winnail's article on the need for an ordained ministry. Does Mr. Pike believe no one should be ordained?

  • A voice from our past writes on the focus and meaning, as well as the dating, of Passover. Here's Charles V. Dorothy's first paragraph: "Are you aware of the recent debate about what day is the proper time for 'keeping' the Passover? Are you in doubt or troubled by conflicting opinions about 'the original' or 'the biblical Passover'?"

  • The Christian Churches of God are busy translating and recording information about the historic church in Europe.

  • A member of The Journal's staff has attained the rank of eagle scout.

  • The CGI and UCG probably won't be merging anytime soon. The Journal talks with Dave Register, Bob Dick and Charles Groce.

  • The Churches of God Outreach Ministries plans eight Feast sites.

  • Several Church of God fellowships are sponsoring youth camps.

  • Church administrator Larry Salyer describes the system of governance in the Global Church of God.

  • A new church-building project is underway in East Texas. The UCG Big Sandy plans to complete its new site for services in six months. The Journal interviews the principals in the project and publishes photos from a volunteer work party on the newly acquired grounds.

  • 141 people attend a CGI campaign in Jamaica.

  • The new Intercontinental Church of God conducts its "second formative meeting" in New Orleans and ordains five elders.

  • The Journal and Connections asks for Feast information for a special Feast feature in the next issue.
  • The pastor of the Church of God Southern California tells The Journal why it decided to pull out of the Church of God International. The Journal also prints the CGI's reaction to the congregation's decision.

  • "Notes and Quotes" includes a new music CD from Roger and Lyna Jane Bryant; a report on Global's gospel efforts; Jim Rector's planned trip to Waco; the latest on SMI's efforts to buy the former AU campus at Big Sandy; a conference planned for Iselin, N.J., with speakers Ray Wooten, Jim Rector and Don Esposito; a new book by Paul R. Finch about the Passover; Garner Ted Armstrong's planned trip to Jackson, Mich., in May; a nonaligned Feast site in Sun Valley, Idaho; a nontraditional Feast site in Alabama; an independent Feast site in Australia; Ron Dart's plans to speak at a "Meet the Teacher" program in Missouri; and a new booklet from the CGI on the Ezekiel message.

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