What's in issue No. 53, June 30, 2001?

CGCF elders split while their church nears its merger with the United Church of God.

A Big Sandy congregation elects new board members.

Zondervan reworks book cover after flap over flames.

Researcher Gary Arvidson, on a quest for the fruit of the tomb, dreams of finding King David's final resting place.

Americans embark on a mission in Peru.

Church of God members shaken by quake in Peru.

The Journal receives letters.

In editorials, Brian Knowles equates environmental Marxism with Marxism; Dave Havir says the attitude that "my church can beat up your church" is not always the wisest; and Gary Vance remembers a great lady who rose above the fray.

In the first installment in a series of essays, Dan White writes about divorce and remarriage. Mr. White says Church of God members need to reconsider the pre-1974 D&R understanding. See the print version of the Journal.

In his essay, James McBride says Jesus accepted the calendar in general use during His day.

Kids from the Church of God Big Sandy rough it in day camp.

In his essay, Don Sena says an 84-hour entombment for Jesus doesn't add up.

The Journal reports on two women's conferences this month: Linda Hardy White's in Dallas and Dianne McDonnell's and John Currier's in Atlanta.

The Journal lists Feast sites for 2001.

"Notes and Quotes" reports on a barbecue, a picnic, a timeline and an intermediate state.

In Connections, Darlene Warren says today's world can be a stress-filled, backstabbing, power-grabbing place to exist--and that's just at church.

Connections runs classified ads (including prayer requests).

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