What's in issue No. 83, dated Dec. 31, 2003?

David Jon Hill's series of articles in The Journal ends way too soon. Mr. Hill had planned four installments of his history of Ambassador College and the Worldwide Church of God; he died shortly after completing No. 2. See The Journal for his second and, prematurely, last article.

The United Church of God's council of elders meets to discuss and write policies that affect the church's gospel-preaching and retirement procedures.

A volunteer teacher at Legacy Institute's Leadership Training Center in Thailand files a report, the second to appear in The Journal.

A Pasadena, Calif., pastor says he's wary of the Worldwide Church of God's plan to develop the former campus of Ambassador College.

The WCG strongly denies allegations that an anonymous poster sent to a popular Internet forum.

Letters to the editor include comments about David Jon Hill, Herbert Armstrong, Dean Neal and Elijah.

In columns and commentary, Wesley White finds the exception that proves the it's-always-best-to-show-respect-for-the-dead rule; Dave Havir wonders why God values "broken things"; and Norman Edwards makes a case for a school for Sabbath-observing high-school graduates.

Further, Mr. Edwards, as reported in another article, offers respondents to a questionnaire a reward of $5 simply for filling out a form about whether they might be interested in such a school.

The Journal reports on Art Mokarow's Bible-study workshop in Big Sandy on Christmas day.

The Church of the Great God offers its "tools" Web site for use of the "greater Church of God."

As reported in "Notes and Quotes," Edward Oettel, Dorothy Kenders and Frank Schnee die; the Church of Christian Commandment Keepers moves to Florida; Herbert Armstrong is "not guilty"; and the Bible Sabbath Association opens its latest writers' competition for scholarships.

In Connections, Darlene notes that the plain truth isn't always obvious. Read her monthly column to find out what "Thin Thighs in Thirty Days" has to do with "The Plain Truth About Child Rearing."

The Journal publishes several more 2003 Feast of Tabernacles reports, from Big Sandy, Clearwater, Colorado Springs, Gulf Shores, Huntington, Jekyll Island, Kissimmee, Little Rock, Loveland, Manyatta (Kenya), Montego Bay and Sydney.

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