What's in issue No. 81, dated Oct. 31, 2003?

A Church of God member wakes up after his heart transplant and sees a colorfully clad Catholic priest staring at him from only inches away. "I thought I'd died and had been attending the wrong church," reports Mike Smith. For Mr. Smith's story, see the print version of The Journal.

The Worldwide Church of God and its "developer" are parting ways in Pasadena. See the print version for details.

With this issue of The Journal, its continuing series on the history of the WCG gets personal. See the print version for David Jon Hill's memories of a lifetime.

The Journal's publisher, for what it's worth, gives free advice on writing for and submitting articles to The Journal.

The Journal invites reports on Feast of Tabernacles 2003.

Readers' Feast of Tabernacles reports begin with this issue.

Letters from The Journal's readers comment on the passing of Garner Ted Armstrong, theological logic, the fires in Southern California and Jacob's Trouble.

Columnists and other commentators speak of paradoxes (Janet Treadway), the good old days (Dave Havir) and rationalizing love (Kathleen McCann). See the print version of The Journal.

Governor-elect of California Arnold Schwarzenegger was a frequent visitor to the Ambassador College campus in the late 1970s. See the print version of The Journal for information and a photo of Arnie on campus.

In his essay, Brian Knowles says the Bible nowhere describes Satan the devil as Lucifer. See the print version of The Journal.

A congregation sends a young volunteer to a new school to train Christian leaders in Thailand.

Longtime Church of God member Floyd Lochner dies.

"Notes and Quotes" reports on the passing of Lee Sefcak and a workshop to help the brethren avoid human interpretation of Scripture.

In her column, Darlene looks back on Feast 2003. Besides going to church and eating, Feastgoers can play tennis, meet prophets and more.

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