What's in issue No. 79, dated Aug. 31, 2003?

Garner Ted Armstrong, founder of the Intercontinental Church of God and the GTA Evangelistic Association, was admitted in late August to a hospital with pneumonia. At the time of the publication of The Journal's article, church spokesmen had announced Mr. Armstrong was steadily improving. However, on Sept. 12, several days after the publication of this issue, a statement from the "Area Coordinators of the Intercontinental Church of God" said Mr. Armstrong "may not pull through this" and quoted doctors as saying his family should "prepare . . . for the worst." Read The Journal's Aug. 31 article for earlier announcements and contact information.

Former Worldwide Church of God members have had a direct effect on the Messianic movement within mainstream Christianity, say the founders of a Church of God Hebrew-roots ministry. See the print version of The Journal for an interview with Rick and Susan Richardson of Christian Renewal Ministries International, Auburn, Wash.

In their spare time, two Church of God ladies--Scarlett Stough and Nancy Vandemark--produce an Internet-based magazine for Christian women ( For their tips, techniques and testimonial, see the print version of The Journal.

The United Church of God's governing council of elders decides to retain a policy that prohibits applause for special music at the Feast of Tabernacles. In the same recent meeting, the 12-man council discussed a new "supplemental hymnal" for the church. See the print version of The Journal.

An Indiana man--Mike Mayfield-- sings the praises of God and Southern gospel.

A Tulsa choir--popular with several Church of God congregations, makes its public debut.

The Journal's readers write letters.

In "Columns and Commentary," Phil Arnold says farewell to the unforgettable Gilbert Woody; Steve Collins opines that Christians shouldn't mourn their dearly departed rights as American citizens; James McBride writes a prescription for the dysfunctional church; Brian Knowles pens the definitive lose-lose guide to dieting; and Dave Havir sharpens his antimessenger focus.

In a sequel to his place-of-safety essay of September 2001, R.C. Dick says Zechariah 14 is the key to prophecy. Read Mr. Dick's introductory sidebar article now. For the complete essay, "It's the Bride's Preparation Time, but the Bride is Asleep!," see the print version of The Journal.

A yearly WCG-roots reunion meets for the fifth time in North Carolina.

The Journal lists hundreds of Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2003.

"Notes and Quotes" reports on a free calendar calculator, the UCG's Ambassador Bible Center and the plans to revivify a phone church.

Connections (the advertising section of The Journal) runs classified ads, including prayer requests.

In her monthly column, Darlene recalls packing 30 people into a beach house meant for 11. Don't miss her "Now, These Are the Law of the Beach."

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