What's in issue No. 76, dated May 31, 2003?

A Church of God member thinks up a new way to do the work. Pam Dewey recommends getting out and meeting Protestants on their own turf. For a radical approach, read about Mrs. Dewey in the print version of The Journal.

Copies of The Journal go to subscribers in 53 countries.

Announce your site for Feast of Tabernacles 2003.

A vote by United Church of God elders changes the configuration of the church's governing 12-man council. The balloting elders also hear how to maximize their ministry. Read about the 2003 general conference of elders of the UCG--including extensive coverage of the annual lively and entertaining question-and-answer session--in the print version of The Journal.

A son (one of 18 grown children) pays tribute to his mother.

Friends in Oklahoma and Texas honor Linda White.

The Journal's readers write letters.

In columns and commentary, Janet Treadway writes about a champion and mentor who changed her life; Ian Boyne reports on a university professor who recently began attending with the CGI; Pam Havir remembers the unforgettable Linda White; Brian Knowles explains how to embark on an adventure in book publishing; an anonymous poet tries to help COG members strike a balance (or is it strike down a Baalance?); and Dave Havir wonders if Church of God binitarians and unitarians can peacefully coexist.

In essays in the May issue, Eric Snow concludes that gnosticism was not the source of first-century Christian doctrine, and Kenneth Westby recommends doting on God.

Church of God youths at Big Sandy ISD take the spotlight at an end-of-school-year honors assembly.

A free marriage tape from the Church Bible Teaching Ministry offers sound advice: Save sex.

Christians plan to renew in the Chicago area.

A couple of Church of God members begin a radio program. This time it's not all about religion.

The Journal lists Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2003.

Church of God member Michael Hubert and friends serve God and residents of India. Wade Fransson reports with words and pictures in the print version of The Journal.

A first-time Feast site will start in West Virginia this year.

The board of trustees of the Church of God Big Sandy votes to rescind the pastor's offer of the use of the church's building for Kenneth Westby's One God Seminars in July.

"Notes and Quotes" reports Feast information, a UCG doctrinal review, a new location for Kenneth Westby's seminars and more.

In her monthly column, an introspective Darlene reveals important lessons she's gleaned from The Journal, including the funny cide of prophecy.

Read our classifieds, which include prayer requests and obituaries.

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