What's in issue No. 74, dated March 31, 2003?

The Churches of God need a few good goals, says a speaker at the Churches of God Outreach Ministries conference in Tulsa in March.

Announce your Feast of Tabernacles site for 2003.

The Jamaica Church of God International is still on a roll.

Mystery of the Ages: The WCG and PCG settle out of court after six years of bitter battle over writings of Herbert W. Armstrong. The Journal's coverage includes an interview with the WCG's legal department and a brief history of the suit and of copyrights in England and America.

A conference in Texas reveals Church of God ladies' true colors.

One congregation gets help with a permanent home from another congregation.

Journal readers write letters.

In columns and editorials, Kathleen McCann says learn a lesson in mercy from the Bard; Dave Havir thanks God every day for the hedge; Richard Griffiths remembers an unlikely hero; and Tim Kelley responds to Dan White's February essay about how to observe the Days of Unleavened Bread.

A young Church of God member's obstacles disappear, clearing the way for her to attend college.

Michael Regan, in an essay, asks why you haven't let your kids observe the Passover.

Brian Convery reports on this year's festival-cycle-affecting barley hunt in Israel.

The United Church of God says its congregations may no longer sing unauthorized hymns.

In "Notes and Quotes," Julian Cruz invites you to San Antonio for the Feast; Ken Westby invites you to Big Sandy for his latest "One God Seminars"; Ron Dart schedules a "Meet the Teacher" happening in Missouri; UCM plans a women's conference for Birmingham; and more.

In her column Darlene tells what it was like living on the cutting edge of society while growing up in the church.

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