What's in issue No. 73, dated Feb. 28, 2003?

The upheaval among members of the WCG in 1995 is the focus of the latest installment of John Warren's church history. Interviewees retelling the events of that tumultuous time include Ken Giese, Donald Ward and Dave Havir.

Church of God members visit CG7 descendants on a trip to Kenya.

Church of God members Leon and Gloria Sexton, founders of Legacy Institute, visit their old friends the king and queen of Thailand.

A TV station in Minnesota features Minneapolis's miracle mom (and Church of God member) Hope Lindholm.

Two Texas congregations unite for special services.

The Journal's readers write letters.

In columns and commentary, Garner Ted Armstrong pays tribute to longtime Church of God member Pearl Hammer, Brian Knowles tells a tale of two theologies, and Dave Havir notes that many groups claim they do "the work."

The Joplin, Mo., congregation of the Living Church of God has its annual costume-ball weekend. Based on his conversations with LCG members in Joplin, Tulsan Ray Kurr is quoted as saying things are looking up. To see what Mr. Kurr meant by that, see the print version of The Journal.

In a feature article, Living Church of God member Robert Thiel considers candid responses to 14 accusations about WCG founder Herbert W. Armstrong. They range from the trivial (e.g., Mr. Armstrong's lack of a middle name) to the deadly serious.

In his essay, Dan White says it's time to go back to observing "that other feast."

Some Church of God members in Phoenix invite the founder of Guardian Ministries to speak in Arizona.[phoenix]

The United Church of God issues invitations to its camps for young people for 2003.

"Notes and Quotes" includes news of the death of two longtime Church of God members and a young WCG movie star.

In her column Darlene sends a memo to God: Thanks for the sign

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