What's in issue No. 72, dated Jan. 31, 2003?

Doctors call a Church of God member's recovery a miracle after her "maternal disaster." Hope Lindholm of Brooklyn Park, Minn., survives an episode of almost-always-fatal amniotic-fluid embolism during the birth of her fourth child.

The December Cincinnati weekend moves to Lexington this year, attracting 1,800 participants.

The Worldwide Church of God and Philadelphia Church of God seem to be close to a settlement in the lawsuit over Herbert W. Armstrong's book "Mystery of the Ages."

The WCG, in an interview with a Pasadena, Calif., newspaper, reports on the state of the church.

A congregation in Terre Haute, Ind., suspends itself for three months from a Church of God affiliation. The Journal talks with leaders on both sides of the separation.

The United Church of God British Isles settles down after recent unsettling events. For this article The Journal contacts people close to the situation, including Mr. Jewell and the Fenneys.

In letters, Journal readers comment on the impending war with Iraq, Ephraim and Manasseh, John Sash's October essay and Dean Neal's way with women.

In columns and commentary, Reginald Killingley editorializes that sometimes the time is right to start a new church; Dave Havir notes that there might be times it is a good idea to pray for your own will; Kathleen McCann writes about judgment, ravens and straw men; and Ronald Dart warns of the demons of differentiation.

A passenger on an Amtrak train makes an emergency stop in Big Sandy because of a disturbance caused by an unruly passenger. Big Sandy police charge Gerardo Damian Bedia with making a felony terroristic threat.

Tulsa, Okla., is the site of a special Sabbath service.

United Church of God elders nominate eight of their own to run in an election for council-of-elders seats in May.

In "Notes and Quotes," read about Garner Ted Armstrong in Australia, whether "clergy" is a biblical concept and the possibility of women as elders in the Worldwide Church of God.

In Darlene's column she speculates that Church of God members manhandling the sacred calendar could be why January seems so cold in recent years.

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