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Selmer Hegvold dies

HOUSTON, Texas--Selmer Hegvold, a longtime Church of God member and more recently an elder in the United Church of God, died Dec. 24.

Camp dates for 2003 set

MILFORD, Ohio--The November issue of the United Church of God's United News member newsletter announced youth-camp dates for 2003. They are as follows:

Pinecrest, Mo., June 11-18; Hye Sierra, Calif., June 29­July 6; Woodmen, Ala., June 29­July 6; Tetons, Wyo., July 7-17; Carter, Texas, July 20-27; Davidson, Ore., Aug. 3-10; Heritage, Pa., Aug. 10-17; Winter, Wis., Dec. 21-25.

For more information, contact the UCG at P.O. Box 541027, Cincinnati, Ohio 45254, U.S.A., or visit the UCG on the Web at

More on the calendar

BIG SANDY, Texas--You still have time to order a wall calendar for 2003 that features 12 commandments on the 12 monthly pages (the Ten Commandments plus Jesus' two Great Commandments).

The calendar also shows the feast days.

To order your free copy, contact James Ussery at ; (877) 586-1851; or P.O. Box 1291, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A. Or contact Theda Horton of Little Rock, Ark., at .

CFM's new Web site

WATERTOWN, Conn.--Paul Haney's Christ Fellowship Ministries has a new Web site. Check it out at Write the CFM at P.O Box 370, Watertown, Conn. 86795, U.S.A.

Feast in Myrtle Beach

BIG SANDY, Texas--The Church of God Big Sandy announces it will sponsor a Feast site in Myrtle Beach, S.C., in 2003. The addition means Big Sandy will sponsor a total of four sites: Big Sandy; Destin, Fla.; and Angel Fire, N.M.; and Myrtle Beach.

Bill Watson in Houston

TYLER, Texas--The Church of God International reports that elder Bill Watson of Bath, Ohio, spoke Dec. 7 at the Houston Church of God Fellowship, giving a sermon about what it means to be "born again."

George Crow of Katy, Texas, pastors the Houston fellowship.

Contact the CGI at P.O. Box 2525, Tyler, Texas 75710, U.S.A., or (903) 939-2929. Visit the CGI on the Web at

Northeast Church of God on the Web

MILFORD, Conn.--The Northeast Church of God has a new Web site, announced Peter Kamen of Milford. Check it out at, or write Mr. Kamen at 85 Timber Trail, Milford, Conn. 86468, U.S.A.

Officers of the Northeast COG are Mr. Kamen, president; Jan Carruthers, vice president; Lynn Redling, secretary; and Louisa Sandsmark, treasurer.

Decoding Revelation

KELLER, Texas--God's Temple Congregation has just published an 80-page booklet, Revelation and the Little Book, free upon request, announced minister Ron King of Keller.

Besides the reorganized book of Revelation, the booklet includes notes and comments revealing the "next leader of God's Church"; whether the concept of church eras is valid; a "clear picture" of the future; and an explanation of the "witness work."

Write God's Temple Congregation at Box 333, Keller, Texas 76244, U.S.A., or .

Good News editor let go

MILFORD, Ohio--The United Church of God, based here, informed the copy editor of its flagship magazine, The Good News, it could no longer afford his services. Good News managing editor Scott Ashley of Arvada, Colo., notified copy editor Dixon Cartwright of Big Sandy, Texas, Dec. 25 that the church, for financial reasons, could no longer afford to keep him on as a member of the staff.

Mr. Cartwright, publisher and editor of The Journal, was copy editor of the The Good News and church booklets for seven years, since the UCG began the magazine and printed its first booklet.

"I've enjoyed working with Scott and the writers," said Mr. Cartwright, who was a UCG vendor, not an employee.

The new copy editor is Tom Robinson, an editorial employee in the church's home office.

Churches in Australia

HAWKER, Australia--A Journal reader asked Walter Steensby, who helps distribute The Journal in Australia, if he knew of any Church of God Seventh Day congregations or Seventh Day Baptist congregations in or near Melbourne.

Mr. Steensby located two such congregations, he said.

One was a Seventh Day Baptist congregation pastored by Esperanza Cardonna at 14 Rathmines Rd., East Hawthorn. The congregation has services at 9:30 a.m. each Sabbath. See also

The other was a Church of God Seventh Day congregation in Adelaide.

For more information about the Adelaide church, see

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