What's in issue No. 70, dated Nov. 30, 2002?

The penalty phase of the continuing court battle between the Worldwide Church of God and Philadelphia Church of God over "Mystery of the Ages" is set for March.

Time marches on, points out amateur historian John Warren, who writes in this issue about the first time Ambassador College at Big Sandy closed. While the campus was out of operation for four years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, a fairly well-known radio evangelist almost succeeded in buying it and turning it into a home for wayward girls. Read all about it in this issue of The Journal.

The council of elders of the Living Church of God meets in November in San Diego to, among other things, amend the church's official statement of beliefs. The Journal reports on the meetings and reprints the entire LCG belief statement.

Tomb-project members get together at the Society of Biblical Literature's book fair in Toronto.

Some Church of God friends in Texas plan the second in a series of reunions early in 2003.

Readers report on their Feasts of Tabernacles for 2002.

In letters to the editor, readers sound off on the Ephraim-Manasseh discussion and other timely subjects.

In editorials, an anonymous Church of God teenager gives advice to parents who religiously disagree with each other; Dave Havir wonders just what do you mean "the truth"; Duncan MacLeod thinks we should have done our homework better; and Brian Knowles believes the spectacle of COGs battling in court over Herbert Armstrong's books is "bizarre."

In an essay, Michael Regan says he believes "God's Word surpasses both sides" on the born-again issue. However, he thinks each side could shed some light on it.

A Church of God member in Minnesota lands a seat on the local school board.

Campers make the annual trek to Lake Livingston, near Houston, Texas. Ellis Stewart reports.

Amid confusion over an unannounced apology to a church-member couple, the UCG transfers an elder from South Africa to Britain.

"Notes and Quotes" notes the passing of Ken Graham and the startup of a new Internet publication.

In her column in this issue, Darlene Warren recalls the childhood nightmare of waking up to realize everyone else had fled to the place of safety. What has the lack of the letter "N" in the Arabic alphabet have to do with that? Read Darlene's column in the November issue to find out.

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