What's in issue No. 69, dated Oct. 31, 2002?

The Worldwide Church of God, in an apparent strategy to affirm its copyright of Mystery of the Ages and other historic-WCG printed materials, announces it will republish Mystery and 18 other "works" produced by the WCG before the death of its founder in 1986. The WCG and the Philadelphia Church of God of Edmond., Okla., have been in a legal dispute for six years over the rights to publish the materials.

Church of God members help with Texans and Louisianans fleeing the wrath of Hurricane Lilli.

The two organizers of a 1997 conference on the "calendar"--Michael Turner and Lawrence Maayeh--plan another one for 2003.

A young Church of God member interns with a popular Washington-based online magazine,

There's still time to send your 2002 Feast of Tabernacles report to The Journal.

Readers write about their 2002 Feast of Tabernacles observances. In this issue are reports from Ardmore (Season of Our Joy), Bangkok (Legacy Institute), Big Sandy (Church of God Big Sandy), Clearwater (Church Outreach Project), Destin (Arkansas Church of God Fellowship), Escondido (United Church of God), Sevierville (United Christian Ministries), Palm Springs (Christian Biblical Church of God), Tyler (Bo Gritz and Jerry Gentry) and Lake Texoma (Steve Kieler).

When the going gets rough, get out, advises Pastor Clyde Thompson. Read Mr. Thompson's and other readers' letters to The Journal.

In columns and commentary, Janet Treadway asks an ages-old question; Dave Havir remembers Mr. Armstrong's urgent admonitions to get back on track; John Sash says John the apostle, in his book of Revelation, parodies the Trinity; and John Warren meshes Christianity with worldly politics.

Craig White's essay considers the history of the born-again doctrine down through the ages. has answers.

A Church of God Crusader inspires congregations in Africa to adopt Sabbath observance.

"Notes and Quotes" notes the passing of Howard Clark, Tolu Ha'angana and Jimmy Brown.

In Darlene Warren's monthly column in Connections, the advertising section of The Journal, she wrests the writings of Dr. Phil and applies them to Americans' annual observance of Thanksgiving Day.

For all the articles and photos (including pictures from this year's Feast observances) be sure to see the print version of The Journal.

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