What's in issue No. 68, dated Sept. 30, 2002?

Feastgoers and a Worldwide Church of God official report on a Feast site at Grand Junction, Colo. Because of startling post-Feast reports coming out of the Grand Junction site, The Journal talked with Gene Forester, an attendee, and with Greg Albrecht and Ronald Kelly of the WCG.

A Philadelphia Church of God booklet writer says he can’t find the word “Satan” in The Journal.

For the third monthly installment of amateur historian John Warren’s history of the Radio and Worldwide Church of God in East Texas, he interviews, among others, Leslie McCullough, Leroy Neff and Jeanette Weinbrenner. Read also about the 1-W house in Big Sandy in the 1970s and the history of the original incarnation of The Worldwide News--before Mr. Armstrong shut it down in 1978.

Brethren of the Churches of God have kept the Feast now for 75 years since Herbert and Loma Armstrongs’ first observance, in 1927. Staff members of The Journal report on 10 Feast messages at five sites this September. The speakers and their topics: Dan Cafourek citing the reasons Christians have for rejoicing and his description of the Garden of Eden as a literal place and typical of the temples and the Kingdom; Steve Duff speaking on the importance and identity of Yahweh’s and Yeshua’s names; Dave Havir noting the differences between the Feast of Tabernacles in ancient Israel and in the modern-day Churches of God; Richard “Yermeyah” Lattier explaining the Sermon on the Mount; Dennis Mouland decrying forced interpretations of Scripture; Ron Smith expounding on the gifts of the Spirit; Randy Steele talking of mercy, not sacrifice; Tony Stith citing testimonies of faith such as those of the saints of Hebrews 11; and Jerry Waldner speaking of the dark side of the Feast.

Journal readers’ annual Feast of Tabernacles reports begin this month. In this issue are descriptions of Feast observances in Grand Junction, Colo.; Kendal, England; and Keystone, Colo.

If you haven’t already done so, The Journal invites you to report on your 2002 Feast of Tabernacles observance. Send your report to or P.O. Box 1020, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A. Photographs as prints or E-mail attachments are also welcomed (jpegs are fine). For guidelines, see the Sept. 30, 2002, print version of The Journal.

September’s letter writers include Nancy Francis (on cosmetics), Phil Henry (on astronomical events), Brian Knowles (on “traditional Christianity” as a euphemism for “false religion”), Bob Schmid (on calendar paradigms), James Collins (on Church of God witch-hunts), Ward Schuch (on naturopathic physicians) and Dan White (on public-school mental retraining).

In columns and commentaries for September, Edmond Macaraeg pens a tribute to Gerald Waterhouse (who died Sept. 4); Kathleen McCann says Queen Elizabeth I knew how to live and let live; and Dave Havir describes the baptism ceremony as intrinsically excluding exclusivism.

“Notes and Quotes” reports on the deaths of Mr. Waterhouse and Rowlen Tucker and reunion plans for former YOU members and former and present WCG members.

In Darlene Warren’s monthly column in Connections, the advertising section of The Journal, she expresses her frustration over some of the advertisements in The Journal. After reading some of the ads in recent issues, Darlene says she has been “pushed to the absolute brink of my civility.” If she sounds a little ticked off, she says, then “deal with it.” ( Darlene’s comments are especially impressive because she is The Journal’s ad salesman.)

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