Down to the wire? Consider CEM Feast site

If you're looking for enjoyment and education at the Feast of Tabernacles, Ken Swiger of Lenoir, Tenn., recommends you consider a site in Niceville, Fla. (near Destin and Fort Walton Beach).

The site, sponsored by Christian Educational Ministries of Tyler, Texas, will be the performing-arts center at Okaloosa-Walton Community College.

The CEM observance always has a "different feel," said Mr. Swiger, an organizer. "The teaching focus is on building congregations and neighborhoods."

The all-volunteer CEM Festival Association, headed by Dr. Steve Clouthier of The Woodlands, Texas, plans, coordinates and executes the Feast observance, which is open to everyone.

"The association has open membership and encourages participation by attendees through surveys and questionnaires as well as the FA [festival association] meetings which take place at the Feast," said Mr. Swiger. "This opens the Feast up to anyone who would like to help make the Feast a better experience" and to spread responsibilities to help avoid "burnout."

Feast speakers will include Ronald Dart of Tyler, founder of CEM and voice of the Born to Win program on many radio stations.

"The sermons tend to be meaty but not overlong," said Mr. Swiger.

Activities will include programs especially for teenagers and children and daily classes for five age-groups ranging from 3- to 19-year-olds.

"This year," said Mr. Swiger, "plans are underway to provide a forum for young adults to have a Bible-study class as well."

The Niceville site is known for its enthusiastic music makers.

"The sound swells as Christian voices blend in hymns about our Savior," said Mr. Swiger. "Daily special music is presented by talented individuals in a variety of musical styles."

But what Mr. Swiger calls the "most unique" aspect of music at the CEM site is the "praise-and-worship service."

Brent Kern of Frisco, Texas, director of music for the FA, said, "Last year's praise-and-worship service was the rave of the Feast."

The site also offers a variety of seminars, typically interactive and taking place at the same time as the youth classes.

The Feast observance begins the evening of Sept. 20.

For last-minute information, visit, or call Dr. Clouthier at (281) 419-9104.

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