ALERT originator resigning

By Mac Overton

BIG SANDY--The director of the Big Sandy branch of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP)--the IBLP is the international ministry of Bill Gothard of Oak Brook, Ill.--has resigned.

Ron Fuhrman, who directed the IBLP's Air-Land Emergency Response Team (ALERT), which owns and occupies the former Ambassador College campus, resigned as of July 22.
ALERT was the brainchild nine years ago of Mr. Fuhrman, an IBLP employee. He will soon supervise another branch of ALERT in Michigan.

ALERT, also called the International ALERT Academy, moved from Michigan's Upper Peninsula to the former Ambassador campus in March 2000.

John Tanner, the new Big Sandy supervisor of ALERT, said Mr. Fuhrman will head a program in Holland, Mich., working with ALERT cadets to teach them construction skills.

"Col. Fuhrman and his family decided it was time to move on," said Mr. Tanner.

(ALERT bestows military ranks on its employees and cadets. Mr. Fuhrman is a colonel; Mr. Tanner is a lieutenant colonel.)

ALERT cadets, all of whom are males, receive religious training as well as learn disaster-relief and other skills at military-style installations in Big Sandy and elsewhere.

"Col. Fuhrman founded ALERT nine years ago," said Mr. Tanner. "Basically he had a vision for it that has helped it to develop to where it is today."

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