What's in issue No. 63, dated April 15, 2002?

The Church of God International in Jamaica reports record crowds at a public campaign addressed by a local speaker (in this case Ian Boyne).

A chess club in Texas changes its rules so a Sabbath-observant teenager can compete on Sundays for his international rating.

The United Church of God's new president-elect--hoping to set a precedent--decides not to serve simultaneously as president and a member of the church's governing council of elders. Roy Holladay explains his decision.

A UCG elder, Dan Cafourek, protests church officials' move to relieve him of his duties. The elder's regional pastor, Larry Greider, doesn't agree with Mr. Cafourek's description of what has happened so far in the situation, which has led to suspension of Mr. Cafourek's ministerial duties. The Journal interviews Mr. Cafourek and Mr. Greider. See the April 15 print version.

A Seventh-day Adventist writer, Samuele Bacchiocchi, is The Journal's seventh participant in its series on divorce and remarriage. Dr. Bacchiocchi argues (in the first of two installments) for an unusual (for Church of God Bible students) view of porneia. See the print version of The Journal.

In letters to the editor, readers respond to previous articles and letters, including Pam's Dewey's views of the feast calendar in the March 25 issue, Paul Herrmann's opinion of the proper holy days of Unleavened Bread in the Feb. 28 issue and Dave Havir's litmus test of March 25.

Four editorial writers tackle subjects as diverse as anointed cloths (David Antion thinks they're a spiritual stretch), invitations to the family of God (Dave Havir), spiritual effects and their causes (Brian Knowles) and the difference between parody and satire (Trey Cartwright). See the print version of The Journal for these writers' comments and opinions.

The UCG's British-council CEO, John Jewell, recently disfellowshipped, then fired, treasurer Barbara Fenney. The Journal communicated with Mrs. Fenney and Mr. Jewell for a report in this issue. Please see the print version.

In essays, Frank Nelte replies to a calendar "challenge" from Ron Dart, and Mr. Dart replies to Mr. Nelte's reply. It all started when Mr. Dart's comment on the CEM and Friends Internet forum began wide circulation..

The UCG's magazine The Good News passes the half-million mark in circulation. Scott Ashley reports.

Leon and Gloria Sexton visit India and Christians they believe are descended from the ministry of the apostle Thomas. See the print version of The Journal.

"Notes and Quotes" includes reports of the death of two Church of God elders; Web sites for Church of God singles; Feast-site announcements; and books of interest to COG members.

The Journal's ad lady, Darlene Warren, has come up with a plan to save Petra for our children. Now that King Hussein is dead, we'll have to depend on Queen Noor, she says.

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