Organizers call for volunteers to assist during Church of God 7th Day conference in Florida

By Dixon Cartwright

A call for volunteers is going out for a youth conference called "Catch the Vision" planned for the Orlando, Fla., area this July, announced Gilford Monrose, pastor of a Church of God 7th Day congregation in Brooklyn, N.Y.

"This is the first conference of its kind," said Mr. Monrose, "one that is designed to ignite our faith in God, refresh our commitment to the ministry of Christ and strengthen our resolve to equip ourselves for the challenge to come."

"Catch the Vision," set for July 10-13 at a Best Western Hotel just outside of downtown Orlando in Altamonte Springs, Fla., is designed to "renew, recharge and enlighten youths" through interactive forums, Bible studies, seminars and many other activities.

(The Church of God 7th Day Mr. Monrose serves as an elder is affiliated with groups that look to a congregation in Jerusalem as their headquarters. They are not affiliated with the Church of God [Seventh Day] headquartered in Denver, Colo.)

Present a seminar

Volunteers at the Florida meetings will include seminar presenters.

"The seminars are a chance for those who are capable and who are a part of the Body of Christ to share in areas of Christian living, family life, Bible history, Christian apologetics, prophecy, technology, career building or other topics of interest and benefit to teens, young adults, college students, singles, married couples and pastors," Mr. Monrose said.

He asks that prospective presenters send the title of their proposed seminar, a description of it, personal information, special requirements and contact information to him at one of the addresses at the end of this article.

Volunteers are also needed to play music and sing, lead "worship teams," perform in talent shows and participate in panel discussions.

Sponsor the conference

The conference is also an opportunity for "church sponsorship," he said.

Sponsors, which can be congregations or other Church of God ministries, will help delegates from Mexico, Africa and the Caribbean attend who might not otherwise be able to make the trip to Florida.

A sponsor makes a "suggested donation" of $275, said Mr. Monrose. In return, a sponsoring ministry receives:

  • Its name and address printed in the conference handbook (which will go to all delegates).
  • Its name and link on the official conference Web site.
  • Placement of its materials, banner, poster or booth in the registration area.
  • PowerPoint blurbs on a projected screen before and after each general session.
  • Its name on a lanyard for a name tag.

Conference package

Mr. Monrose and other organizers have come up with a low-cost conference package for those who plan to attend that includes meals and hotel accommodations. Or those attending can make their own arrangements.

"Your conference registration may be paid in full, or you may send us a $75-per-person nonrefundable deposit to reserve your space," he said.

The deposit needs to get to Mr. Monrose by May 10 or a $25-per-person late fee applies. The balance is due by June 15.

To make housing arrangements directly with the Best Western, call (800) 327-5560. The discounted rate is $52 per night (single or double occupancy) plus tax. Mention you're attending the Church of God 7th Day youth conference.

To make arrangements through the conference's organizers, contact Mr. Monrose or Daniel R. Ray Sr. at the addresses below, or visit

Contact information

For brochures and other information, contact Mr. Monrose at , 203 E. 37th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11203, U.S.A., or (866) 284-9466 (toll-free).

Or E-mail Mr. Ray at , or (301) 894-7966.

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