LifeNets solicits and ships glasses, other items

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.--Church of God members in Peru and the Philippines need donations of reading glasses, Bibles and money, announced Belinda McCloud of Milford, Ohio, a volunteer for LifeNets, a ministry founded by Victor Kubik of Indianapolis.

"If anyone is able to contribute any of the following items, it would be greatly appreciated," Mrs. McCloud said. "Regardless of what you are able to contribute, your prayers of love and concern for our brothers and sisters are greatly appreciated."

Glasses for reading

Here is a partial listing of things the brethren could use:

  • Members in the Philippines and elsewhere need 100 pairs of reading glasses with various degrees of magnification. They are available at stores in the United States such as Dollar General for $4 or $5 a pair.

LifeNets also plans to send glasses to brethren in Ghana and Central and South America.

"We can't get enough of these glasses," said Mrs. McCloud.

  • Members in various areas need Bibles.

"Our goal is to buy about 25 New King James Version giant-print Bibles, which can be purchased for $9.99 each at Sam's Warehouse.

  • Members need Bible helps, including Bible dictionaries, commentaries and concordances.
  • Donations of money are appreciated. About $350 is needed to buy a computer printer for a church-member businesswoman in the Philippines who could not afford a new printer when hers failed.

"She is now forced to sweep streets in order to survive," said Mrs. McCloud. "Buying her a new printer will enable her to continue her business and keep her out of poverty."

Shipment deadlines

The deadline for a shipment of donated items to the Philippines is May 7.

For information about deadlines for future shipments to the Philippines and to other areas, contact Mrs. McCloud or Mr. Kubik at one of the addresses at the end of this article.

LifeNets International is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (which means Americans' donations to it are tax-deductible) that develops programs offering practical assistance that  promote the well-being and self-sufficiency of needy people throughout the world.

Through volunteers, LifeNets has helped thousands of people in Ukraine, the Baltics, Malawi, Zambia, Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador and elsewhere.

Contact info

Visit LifeNets on the Web at

Write Mr. Kubik at or P.O. Box 88165, Indianapolis, Ind. 46208, U.S.A.

Write Mrs. McCloud at or 14 Meadow Dr. No. 2, Milford, Ohio 45150, U.S.A.

Phone Mrs. McCloud at (513) 722-8740.

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