Garner Ted Armstrong returns to Aussie TV

BOTANY BAY, Australia--Garner Ted Armstrong, founder of the Intercontinental Church of God (ICG) and Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association (GTAEA), both based in Tyler, Texas, returns to Australian television this month.

He has not appeared on TV screens down under for many years.

"His return provides a powerful opportunity to once again deliver an end-time warning message and to preach the truth and hope of salvation for all mankind," said Duson Zubovic, an ICG member and chairman of the GTAEA in Australia.

Mr. Armstrong's program is broadcast on the regional Prime TV network at 6:30 a.m. every Sunday and covers all of regional Victoria, New South Wales and the Gold Coast of Queensland.

The broadcast area of Prime TV overlaps the capital cities of Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Many residents of those cities may be able to access the telecast.

The potential audience in the regional areas is about 4.2 million, said Mr. Zubovic.

The GTAEA in the United States and its Australian affiliate will share in paying for the the costs of the broadcasts.

Mr. Zubovic said as funds become available he hopes the telecast will expand to include the states of Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

"As is both biblical teaching and the tradition of the Church of God," said Mr. Zubovic, "no request for donations or funding is ever made to the general public either in the broadcast or in any subsequent provision of literature."

However, since many Church of God members have "long waited for the return of a powerful voice to once again proclaim the gospel message in this country," he said, the Australian GTAEA affiliate "welcomes the support and assistance of any member of the spiritual Church of God to ensure the success of this end-time endeavor."

For more information write P.O. Box 173, Botany Bay, N.S.W. 1455, Australia, or telephone 1300-885-006. Or write P.O. Box 1117, Tyler, Texas 75703, U.S.A., or telephone (903) 561-7070. Visit the GTAEA on the Web at

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