Music-maker who sprang from the Ozarks makes Sabbath CD

By Dixon Cartwright

BIG SANDY, Texas--Sharon See didn't have it easy growing up. She was born in the rural Ozarks of Missouri, part of a family that was determined to scratch out a living off the land. Her parents, Bill and Martha Dalton, and their kids had 20 acres with no electricity or plumbing, but they had music, thanks to Sharon's mother, Mrs. Dalton.

Besides God and family, she says, Sharon See's life orbits music. She has entertained in venues from pizza parlors in California to the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ark. She has performed on her own television shows in Kansas. For many years she played piano and sang for special music for members of the Church of God (Seventh Day), the Worldwide Church of God and the Church of God International, including many Feast of Tabernacles observances.

Now Mrs. See, who was the "first person to be baptized in Lake Loma" (on the Ambassador College campus) just before the Passover in 1963, has issued a compact disc of her voice and instrumentation appropriate for Sabbath listening.

The pianist and soprano studied at the Church of God (Seventh Day)'s Owasso Academy in Michigan and for a while at the Bakersfield Conservatory in California, but she learned music from her mother (who wrote two of the hymns in the CGI hymnal, "I was Glad Oh So Glad" and "If I Take the Wings of the Morning").

"Mother started teaching me when I was 6," Mrs. See said. "She gave me piano lessons. No, she would not allow me to play shape notes. She made me do it right."

Mrs. See likes all kinds of music, including classical, pop, gospel, bluegrass, jazz and old standards.

Her CD, There Is a Redeemer, ranges from a jazz-influenced "God Bless the Child" to "Via Dolorosa." It includes the familiar "His Eye Is on the Sparrow" and "How Great Thou Art" and a piece ("Lately Have You Seen the Sun?") on which she sounds a little like Emmylou Harris.

Mrs. See, who attends a Church of God congregation in Springdale, Ark., will send you a CD or a cassette tape of the album for $10 for the CD or $5 for the tape, shipping included.

She also said if you cannot afford the "suggestion donation," the CD or tape is free.

For more information, write her at Rt. 1, Box 1133, Eagle Rock, Mo. 65641, U.S.A., or

Or phone her at (417) 271-3229.

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