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Does the Holy Spirit have personality?

RESTON, Va. -- Didactic Ministries has several articles and study papers available on its Web site, at

They include "The God Family Controversy," "The Personality of the Holy Spirit," "The Question of Women's Rights" and "Work of the Holy Spirit in the OT."

Operated by Rick Hoot, Didactic Ministries began in 2006 to "provide Christian education to an ever-expanding audience."

Sharing analysis

KENSINGTON, Conn. -- F. Paul Haney's Web site,, is "trying to make a difference in this world by sharing the good message of God via research and analysis, with as many as have ears to hear. We believe that all doctrine must agree with the plain word of God in context."

Mr. Haney's Christ Fellowship Ministries has many articles posted, including "NT Textual Corruption," "Humpty-Dumpty Theology," "Debate!," "Can God Die?" and "Exposé of Genesis 1:26."

The purpose of Mr. Haney's ministry is to "declare biblical truth as best we understand it via research and analysis."

Write CFM, P.O. Box 337, Kensington, Conn. 06037, U.S.A., or

The minds of Christians

BASINGSTOKE, England -- The March-April 2014 issue of New Horizons is out. Its articles include "In the Tracks of Israel."

Editor James McBride includes an announcement for "All Internet Users!"

The Churches of God Outreach Ministries Web site, he said, "lists over a hundred Bible-based articles which address issues frequently on the minds of Christians.

"You may download any, or request print copies.

"There is, too, a section of online audio sermons, links to associated groups, back issues of New Horizons and an online magazine for our younger readers."


For more information write Churches of God Outreach Ministries at P.O. Box 25250, 6 Slington House, Rankine Road, Basingstoke RG24 8PH, U.K.; or CGOM, P.O. Box 54621, Tulsa, Okla. 74155, U.S.A.; or CGOM, P.O. Box 476, Don Mills Station, Ont. M3C 2T4, Canada.

Shape up or ship out, Wikipedia

WODEN, Australia -- Wade Cox's Christian Churches of God has a statement about Wikipedia, the Internet-based encyclopedia, posted at his Web site,

Coordinator General Cox is critical of Wikipedia and expresses his opinion that the encyclopedia doesn't get its facts right.

"Some of the views expressed in Wikipedia are just plain wrong such as the article on Shemita [year of release] which is based on a rabbinical 49-year jubilee which is unbiblical, unhistorical and based on the post-Temple period rabbinical reconstruction ..."

Unfortunately, he said, Wikipedia's editorial policy is "under the control of a variable committee and its editors are often unqualified in the subject they edit."

Write the CCG at P.O. Box 369, Woden, A.C.T. 2606, Australia, or P.O. Box 1537, Blue Springs, Mo. 64013, U.S.A. Or

Emergency housing

PORT AUSTIN, Mich. -- In July 2014 the "homeless ministry" founded by Norman Edwards and friends will have been in operation for four years, Mr. Edwards announced.

In an article in the winter 2014 Shepherd's Voice magazine, he said 255 "guests" have stayed with the Port Austin Bible Campus (PABC), which includes 106 men, 89 women and 60 children.

Their average length of stay is 80 days.

"At present we only have 12 people here," he said, "but more are planning to come."

The greatest need for "emergency housing" occurs in early spring and late fall, he said.

He mentioned the need for "Christian mentors" to assist in the operation of the ministry.

For more information call (989) 738-7774 or write

To subscribe to Shepherd's Voice write P.O. Box 474, Port Austin, Mich. 48467, U.S.A., or

To send Bible-related questions for possible answer in print or online, write Mr. Edwards at

En Dor, what's that secret you're keeping?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Church of the Great God, founded by John and Evelyn Ritenbaugh, offers articles and audio recordings at

Articles include "Fully Man and Fully God?" Audios include "What Happened at En Dor?"

Visit the Web site or write P.O. Box 471846, Charlotte, N.C. 28247, U.S.A.

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