Feast of Tabernacles
sites for 2013

Information for the listing comes from, the webmaster for The Journal's Web site (, other Web sites and information sent directly to The Journal by Feast organizers and other Journal readers.

Unless otherwise stated, each listing represents an observance beginning Wednesday evening, Sept. 18, 2013, and continuing through Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013 (referred to as the Last Great Day, Great Last Day or Eighth Day in the various Churches of God).

This listing abbreviates Church of God International (CGI), Tyler, Texas; Intercontinental Church of God (ICG), Tyler; Living Church of God (LCG), Charlotte, N.C.; United Church of God an International Association (UCG), Milford, Ohio; Church of God Ministries International (CGMI); Church of God a Worldwide Association (CGWA); and Restored Church of God (RCG). Note that some phone numbers refer to a church's headquarters in the United States rather than a local Feast contact.

Attendance policies

Most of the Feast sites listed here have an open attendance policy; that is, visitors are welcome. However, it is The Journal's understanding that some Church of God organizations allow Feastgoers to attend with them only by special permission. Therefore, if you wish to attend one of those churches' Feast sites, The Journal recommends you first contact the sponsoring church or its representative.


Alabama--Gulf Shores: Independent group, John Warren, (903) 636-4470,

Alaska--Anchorage: UCG, (513) 576-9796, LCG,

Arizona--Phoenix: UCG, (513) 576-9796,, satellite site. Tucson: UCG, (513) 576-9796,, satellite site.

Arkansas--Harrison: CGI,, (903) 939-2929. Hot Springs: Sabbath Day Church of God,, (501) 282-1909

California--Indian Wells: LCG, Oceanside: UCG, (513) 576-9796 Kings Beach: ICG,, (903) 561-7070. Rocklin: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Santa Maria: Continuing Church of God,

Colorado--Steamboat Springs: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

Florida--St. Augustine: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Daytona Beach: COGMI, the Destin: Church of God Big Sandy, P.O. Box 690, Big Sandy, Texas 75755,, (800) 946-5545. Destin: RCG, Ft. Walton Beach: COGMI, the Lantana: Christian Church of God,, (561) 547-4952, or (Note dates: Oct. 21-28, 2013.) Palm Harbor: LCG, Panama City Beach: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Panama City Beach: ICG,, (903) 561-7070. Tampa: UCG, (513) 576-9796,, satellite site.

Georgia--Jekyll Island: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

Hawaii--Hapuna Beach: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Maui: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

Idaho--McCall: Celebration Church of God, www.celebrationchurchof

Indiana--Auburn: COGMI, the Montgomery: ICG,, (903) 561-7070.

Kentucky--Kentucky Dam Village State Park: CGI,, (903) 939-2929.

Maryland--Ocean City: UCG, (513) 576-9796,, satellite site.

Missouri--Branson: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Branson: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Branson: COGMI, the Branson: RCG, Kimberling/Branson: ICG,, (903) 561-7070. Lake of the Ozarks: LCG, Lake of the Ozarks: Season of Our Joy, P.O. 1633, Hawkins, TX 75765,

Montana--Bigfork: UCG, (513) 576-9796,, restricted site.

New Mexico--Albuquerque: The Church of God New Mexico, Ed and Louella Costanza, (505) 889-2939,

New York--Lake Placid: RCG,

North Carolina--

Ohio--Cincinnati: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Wadsworth: RCG,

Oregon--Bend-Redmond: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Newport: LCG,

Pennsylvania--Lake Harmony: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Tannersville: LCG,

South Carolina--Myrtle Beach: CGI,, (903) 939-2929. Myrtle Beach: ICG,, (903) 561-7070. North Myrtle Beach: Church of God Big Sandy, (800) 946-5545, P.O. Box 690, Big Sandy, Texas 75755,

Tennessee--Chattanooga: LCG, Gatlinburg: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Pigeon Forge: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Texas--Big Sandy: Church of God Big Sandy, (800) 946-5545, P.O. Box 690, Big Sandy, Texas 75755,; UCG, (513) 576-9796,, satellite site. Boerne: LCG, Galveston: ICG,, (903) 561-7070. New Braunfels: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Rockport: South Texas Church of God, Terry Post, P.O. Box 1089, La Vernia, Texas 78121, (830) 947-3564, San Antonio: Church of God San Antonio, Julian Cruz, (210) 333-7229,

Utah--Park City: LCG, Park City: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Salt Lake City: RCG, Zion National Park: Church of God Big Sandy, (800) 946-5545, P.O. Box 690, Big Sandy, Texas 75755,

Virginia--Williamsburg: COGMI, the

Washington--Seattle: Virtual Church, sponsored by Ken Westby and the Association for Christian Development. For those unable to attend a Feast site tune in to or call 1-916-233-0562 for live streaming.

Wisconsin--Sheboygan: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Wisconsin Dells: UCG, (513) 576-9796,; LCG,


Argentina--Mendoza: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Villa de Merlo: LCG,

Australia--Coffs Harbour, New South Wales: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Merimbula, New South Wales: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Nelson Bay, New South Wales: ICG,, (903) 561-7070. Port Macquarie: RCG, Victor Harbor, South Australia: LCG, Rockingham, Western Australia: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

Barbados--Christ Church: LCG, St. Lawrence Gap: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Belgium--Blankenberge: RCG,

Bolivia--Cochabamba: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Coroico: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

Brazil--Moscou: LCG, Roraima: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

Burundi--Mugina: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Canada--Abbotsford, B.C.: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Canmore, Alta.: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Collingwood, Ont.: LCG, Georgian Peaks Ski Club: Canadian Church of God, Gros Morne, NF: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Kimberley, B.C.: LCG, Leamington, Ont.: CGI,, (903) 939-2929. Midland, Ont.: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Rocky Harbour, NL: LCG, Shawinigan, Que.: LCG,

Chile--Lican Ray: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Colombia--Cartagena: UCG, (513) 576-9796, El Rodadero, Santa Marta: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. La Tebaida, Quindio: LCG,

Congo--LCG, Kinshasa: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Fiji--Pacific Harbour: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

France--Cote d'Azur: LCG, Saint-Jean-la-Vetre: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. La Grande Motte: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

Germany--Schluchsee: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

Ghana--UCG, (513) 576-9796, CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Guatemala--Antigua: LCG,; CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Antigua: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Panajachel: UCG, (513) 576-9796,


India--Manipur: LCG, Vishakhapatnam: RCG,

Indonesia--Batu: LCG,

Israel--Jerusalem: LCG,

Italy--Sabaudia: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

Ivory Coast--UCG, (513) 576-9796, Abidjan: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Man: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Jamaica--Montego Bay: LCG, www. Ocho Rios: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Ocho Rios: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

St. Ann: RCG,

Jordan--Amman: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Kenya--Isibania: LCG, Migori, Nakuru, and Ogembo: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Nairobi: RCG, Ndhiwa: Continuing Church of God,

Malawi--Lake Malawi: UCG, (513) 576-9796, CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Malaysia--Penang: LCG, Penang: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

Mauritius--Flic-en-Flac: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Mexico--Puerto Vallarta: UCG, (513) 576-9796, San Miguel de Allende: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Tepotzotlan: RCG, Tesquisquiapan: LCG,

Myanmar--Kalaymyo: LCG,

New Zealand--Bay of Islands: LCG, Taupiri Ranges: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Taupo: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Whangarei: Continuing Church of God,

Nigeria--Abuja: RCG,

Lagos: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

Papua New Guinea--Wewak: LCG,

Peru--Cuzco: LCG, Huanchaco: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Huaraz: RCG,

Philippines--Baguio City: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Baguio City: LCG, Baguio City: RCG, Davao City: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Malaybalay: LCG,

Puerto Rico--Guayanilla: RCG,

Rwanda--Muhazi: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Saint Lucia--Reduit Beach: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

South Africa--Glentana: LCG, Hermanus: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Margate: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Pennington: RCG, Uvongo: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Spain--Pineda de Mar: RCG,

Sri Lanka--Ahargama: LCG, Mathugama: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Negombo: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Thailand--Chiang Mai: Legacy Institute, (330) 852-2709, mail@

Togo--Kpalime: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Trinidad and Tobago--Arima: COGMI, the Crown Point: LCG, Scarborough: UCG, (513) 576-9796,

United Kingdom--Buxton, England: LCG, Cotswolds, England: John Jewell, BCM What Next, London, WC1N 3XX, whatnext@ Kendall, Cumbria, England: ICG,, (903) 561-7070. Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Shorefield Country Park: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Stirling, Scotland: UCG, (513) 576-9796, Torquay: RCG,

Vanuatu--Luganville: LCG,

Zambia: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9.

Zimbabwe--Gweru: RCG, RCG, Tuli Camp, Bulawayo: CGWA,, (888) 9-COGWA-9. Victoria Falls: UCG, (513) 576-9796,


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