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CGWA announces its ministerial board of
directors and permanent directors

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Church of God Worldwide Association names its ministerial
board of directors and permanent directors

by Dixon Cartwright

BIG SANDY, Texas--The Church of God a Worldwide Association (CGWA), a Florida-based nonprofit corporation, on Aug. 8, 2011, announced the results of balloting for its new ministerial board of directors.

Qualified to cast votes were ordained elders of the CGWA.

The new board members are Jim Franks of Austin, Texas; Doug Horchak of Dallas, Texas; Clyde Kilough of Raleigh, N.C.; Joel Meeker of St. Louis, Mo.; Richard Pinelli of Cincinnati, Ohio; Richard Thompson of Eustis, Fla.; and Leon Walker of Big Sandy, Texas.

All seven were employees of the United Church of God an International Association (UCG) until they left the UCG to form the new church .

(See "UCG's Crisis Is the Latest in a Long Line of Ups and Downs Since the Church's Founding in 1995," The Journal, issue 140, dated July 31, 2010, and "The Church of God a Worldwide Association's Board Chairman Gives Reasons for the New Group," issue 143, dated January 2011.)

The other seven men

All seven men had also served at various times on the council of elders (the governing board) of the UCG.

The CGWA had announced on July 30, 2011, the names of the 14 men who were nominated for the board and were put forward for the elders to cast their vote.

Besides the seven men who were chosen, the seven other men who were considered by the elders but not selected were David Baker, Arnold Hampton, Mike Hanisko, Les McCullough, Dave Register, Larry Salyer and Lyle Welty.

Replacing original CGWA board

Only one of the five men from the temporary December 2010 board was nominated. Mr. Hanisko, who served as chairman of the church's original board, was one of the 14 men nominated but not chosen for the new board.

The other four men were George Evans, Ken Giese, Greg Sargent and Roger West.

(In an editorial by columnist Dave Havir titled "What's With UCG and COG Worldwide?" in issue No. 143 of The Journal, dated January 2011, Mr. Havir predicted that one of those original five men might end up on the new board. However, that did not happen.)

Although Mr. Hanisko and the other four men stepped forward to help form the new church, the voting elders did not select them to continue in that function.

Three men gave up power

Some find it interesting that two of the four elders who recently gave up their seats on the UCG council of elders were not nominated for the new CGWA board.

From the May 2010 UCG council of elders, eight of the 12 council members stayed with the UCG. The other four resigned from the UCG council before joining the CGWA.

One of the men, Mr. Franks, was selected to the CGWA board. One of the men, Mr. Baker, was nominated for the CGWA board but not selected.

However, the other two men, Mike Blackwell of Springfield, Mo., and David Treybig of Tampa, Fla., were not included in the 14 nominees for the CGWA.


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