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Notes and Quotes


AC Big Sandy reunion

LACEYS SPRING, Ala.--A reunion of Ambassador College Big Sandy students from 1960s classes is set for Dallas, Texas, Saturday night, June 25, at the DoubleTree DFW Airport North Hotel.

"The list of attendees is really growing--up to 115--and the day we see each other is rapidly getting closer," said Tom Williams of Laceys Spring.

The Dallas reunion will focus on students who attended at Big Sandy from 1965 through 1969, but any other interested former students--say, from the 1970s--are cordially invited as well, Mr. Williams said.

New UCG COE configuration

CINCINNATI, Ohio--Elders of the United Church of God during their annual general conference Sunday, May 15, 2011, elected and reelected council members.

Complicating the election was that during the balloting the general conference also approved a measure to eliminate a conflict of interest. The new policy prohibits officers of the administration (president, media director, treasurer and ministerial-services director) from serving on the council.

Selected to serve beginning June 1 were Gary Antion, Bill Bradford, John Elliott and Don Ward. Reelected were Darris McNeely and Robin Webber.

Mr. Dean, because of the new policy, immediately stepped down from the council because he serves the church as treasurer. Roc Corbett is serving as Mr. Dean's replacement from May 15 until June 1. Mr. Dean's permanent replacement beginning June 1 will be Dr. Ward.

Victor Kubik left the council because he serves as director of ministerial services. Permanently taking his place beginning May 15 was Mr. Elliott.

The following are the 12 council members as of June 1: Gary Antion, Scott Ashley, Bill Bradford, Bob Berendt, Bill Eddington, John Elliott, Roy Holladay, Darris McNeely, Melvin Rhodes (chairman), Mario Seiglie, Don Ward and Robin Webber.

Expanding ministry

ARLINGTON, Texas--The Church of God Dallas-Fort Worth "has transitioned over the years into a broader, more far-reaching ministry," reports pastor Dianne McDonnell.

"We have renamed this outreach program Freedom Ministry," Mrs. McDonnell said. "We have a brand-new colorful Web site with an upbeat new design," replacing the previous site.

"You will still find the vitally important biblical articles as well as two videos that can be watched online and many new articles," she said.

Visit Mrs. McDonnell and friends at

Raymond McNair booklets

LONDON, England--John Jewell announced that he has a small number of copies of three booklets written by the late Raymond McNair.

"Mr. McNair was well known for his writing ability and especially his research and study," Mr. Jewell said."

The booklets are King David's Everlasting Dynasty, Solving the Arab-Israeli Impasse and America and Britain in Prophecy.

For a copy or copies write BCM, What Next, London WD1N 3XX, England. Or E-mail

See for the What Next broadcast and more information.

Fellowship Choir

MOUNDS, Okla.--Ray Kurr, director of the Tulsa Fellowship Choir, has a new Web site that features free downloadable music:

Personality types of Revelation 2-3

SARASOTA, Fla.--The seven churches of Revelation 2-3 are "personality types," not church eras, says John L. Smith Jr.

Mr. Smith has created a Web site to answer questions from Church of God members.

The site,, chronicles "the ending of the withholding of the Southern Kingdom's 'Sceptre Blessing' (1934) through the 'Abomination that Makes Desolate' that occurred on Aug. 31, 1996, at the field house at Ambassador (College) University in Big Sandy, Texas, to those scattered at this present time," Mr. Smith wrote.

Mr. Smith said he is not attempting to start another "splinter 'church.'"

Sabbath meditations

ZIMMERMAN, Minn.--Tony Stith has announced a new blog, Mr. Stith's site contains Christian-living articles from "a Sabbath keeper's perspective."


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