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Notes and Quotes - Issue 116
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Notes and Quotes

That's life

BIG SANDY, Texas--The Journal will soon begin a new department in each issue to feature what could be called "life events" of its readers.

It will be similar to the section in The Worldwide News in the 1970s that reported births, weddings and deaths.

But, depending on reader interest, it could also feature graduation announcements, retirements, Feast plans, news of new fellowships and congregations and relocations of pastors. Items could include photos as well as text.

To help kick off this new Journal feature, submit your "Life Events" items, which can include photos. Write Life Events, The Journal, P.O. Box 1020, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A., or E-mail your information to JournalWebSite at

Be sure to include a phone number in case of the need for follow-up information.

There will no charge for this service.

1977 AC reunion

TYLER, Texas--Debbie Wood and other members of the AC Class of 1977 are planning their 30-year reunion for Dallas, Texas, beginning Friday night, Aug. 3, and running through noon Sunday, Aug. 5.

"The graduating 1977 alumni and their spouses, as well as all who entered in the fall of 1973, spring of 1974 or were ever part of the class somewhere in between are invited to attend," Miss Wood said.

Murdock "Doc" Gibbs will provide entertainment with music from the '70s. An optional barbecue at Skip and Michelle Quant's ranch near Burleson, Texas, is planned for Sunday afternoon.

Members of the reunion committee are Steve Schantz, Terry Willhoite, Miss Wood, Jeff Wahlen, Michelle Bumpers Quant, Charles Melear and Jacque Harvey Melear.

For more information visit or contact Miss Wood at (903) 939-1765 or

Passover feast site

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.--Carol Ann Honeycutt announces a "Passover feast site" scheduled for April 1-10 at the Golden Sands Inn in Myrtle Beach.

Call (800) 782-0513 by Feb. 15 for sermon outlines, to make theme and activity suggestions and to volunteer.


BIG SANDY, Texas--This issue of The Journal carries the date November-December 2006. The next issue will be dated January-February 2007. Readers' subscription-expiration dates will be adjusted, and subscribers will receive the full number of issues they have paid for.

Above all names

HARTVILLE, Mo.--Dan White announces the availability of a new message in MP3 format titled "Christian America Turns Anti-Christian."

"All through American history it was considered an honor to be a Christian," Mr. White said. "Today people are mocked for being a Christian. What does it mean to suffer shame for the name that is above all names?"

For the audio recording, visit

One God Seminar

AUBURN, Wash.--The Association for Christian Development's One God Seminar is coming to the U.S. Northeast June 8-10.

"This is the sixth in a series of seminars investigating the nature of God and of Christ and the first one held in the Northeast," announced Ken Westby, founder of the seminar series, which began in 2002.

Sean Finnegan of Albany, N.Y., is organizing and coordinating the event, which will take place in the building of the church he pastors.

This year will include several new presenters and an "opposition presenter," Mr. Westby said.

Who will be the opposition presenter? Mr. Westby doesn't know yet and seeks volunteers.

Write P.O. Box 4748, Federal Way, Wash. 98063, U.S.A., or for more information.

Many Bible studies

KENSINGTON, Conn.--F. Paul Haney, founder and pastor of Christ Fellowship Ministries, announces a redesign of his Web site, which now includes many Bible studies readable on screen and quite a few PDFs to download.

Mr. Haney said he expects to put studies and other articles up on the site that will discuss fasting, anointing, divorce and remarriage, primitive Christianity, New Testament corruption, holy days, holidays and much more.

Visit to see what's new.

"We are grateful for all webmasters who might add a link from their Web sites to ours and indeed solicit that attention," Mr. Haney said.

Readers without computers may write P.O. Box 337, Kensington, Conn. 06037, U.S.A.

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