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Notes and Quotes - Issue 114
Encouraging Communication among the Churches of God
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Notes and Quotes

New Web site

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.--Steve Collins announces he has a new Web site. Mr. Collins' writings include books and articles about the lost tribes of Israel.

The site "has a variety of my articles and presentations available for free downloading and also has links for obtaining copies of my books," Mr. Collins said.


In his own words

ASHLAND, Mo.--Church of God member Ewin Barnett has posted on a Web site short excerpts of recordings of statements made by WCG founder Herbert W. Armstrong on a variety of topics.

"Some want to tell us what Armstrong taught, often in an effort to persuade us how wrong he was then and how right they are now," Mr. Barnett said. "We no longer have to settle for what his critics would want us to believe. We can hear Armstrong himself."

The audio clips include statements from the church leader, who died in 1986, about "setting dates," the "true church," the "place of safety" and the identity of the "end-time Elijah."

Download the sound bites, recorded for devices that will play MP3 files, at



LCG and UCG visit

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Leaders of the Living Church of God, based in Charlotte, and the United Church of God, based in Milford, Ohio, met with each other here recently.

UCG president Clyde Kilough and Jim Franks of the UCG's ministerial-services department, visited the LCG's headquarters.

According to a statement by the LCG's director of church administration, Doug Winnail: "They toured the office facility and met our headquarters staff. It was a cordial visit and provided us with an opportunity to communicate about mutual concerns facing the Church of God."

A statement from the UCG described the event as a follow-up to a longstanding LCG invitation to visit and talk with church leaders:

"They had a tour of the offices and met the staff. They then sat with Dr. [Roderick] Meredith, Dr. Winnail, Mr. [Richard] Ames and Mr. [Dibar] Apartian for 'an open discussion on a variety of issues facing the Church of God.'"

Mr. Kilough has issued a similar invitation to LCG leaders to visit the UCG's Ohio offices.

No merger in sight

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif.--Some Church of God observers are speculating about a possible merger of the UCG and LCG in view of news reports about the recent meeting between leaders of the two ministries. (See the news item immediately preceding this one.)

However, Robert Thiel, an LCG member who operates a popular Church of God Web site (, reports that Roderick Meredith, the Living Church of God's presiding evangelist, stated to him that the LCG is not interested in any kind of merger with the UCG.

"He stated UCG and LCG have different works, differing governments, and differing focuses," Dr. Thiel reported.

Teen and Young Adult Retreat

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--The 11th annual Teen and Young Adult Retreat for Church of God members is coming up in January, reports Paula Frazee.

"We are happy to announce that we have contracted to have the youth retreat at the Holiday Inn in Overland Park," Mrs. Frazee said.

It all begins at 3 p.m. Friday, Jan. 12. The event will include camping, meals, Sabbath services, blocks of free time, swimming, arts and crafts and "the traditional pizza party and dance."

Participants need to apply by Dec. 10. Contact Mrs. Frazee.

Temples of Jerusalem

BEAVERTON, Ore.--David Sielaff, director of Associates for Scriptural Knowledge (ASK), announces a major article that gives his understanding of the tomb of David. Find the article at

ASK continues the work of the late Ernest L. Martin, a former evangelist in the Worldwide Church of God who in 1995 began research into the location of the "Jerusalem temples," Mr. Sielaff said.

The information includes research by George Wesley Buchanan of Washington, D.C., and Gary Arvidson of Kings Mountain, N.C.

Free newsletter

COLUMBUS, Ga.--Is gambling acceptable behavior for Christians?

The Church of God of Columbus has an article in its E-magazine, Truth and Understanding, that addresses that issue. "Gambling can become an addiction just as drug or alcohol use," said editor Glenn Williams.

Churches don't help the situation, Mr. Williams said, when they sponsor activities such as bingo and raffles.

To receive the newsletter by E-mail, sign up for it at

ABC seminars in December

MILFORD, Ohio--The United Church of God announced seminars for Continuing Education credit during the church's annual Winter Family Weekend in Louisville, Ky., Dec. 24-26.

Faculty members from the church's Ambassador Bible Center will conduct the classes.

For more information, visit

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