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Raymond McNair's cancer may be 'arrested'
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Raymond McNair's cancer may be 'arrested'

TEMECULA, Calif.--Longtime Church of God member and evangelist Raymond F. McNair announced Aug. 22 he had canceled his plans for sponsoring a Feast of Tabernacles site for 2006.

Mr. McNair, 76, noted that "continuing serious health problems," originating from prostate cancer, have curtailed his church-related activities.

However, Mr. McNair said in a letter dated Aug. 22 to supporters of his ministry that his cancer appears to be "arrested" or possibly "totally eradicated." Still, he said, "I will not know until further tests."

Mr. McNair and his wife, Eve, have received well-wishes from around the world.

"My wife and I wish to wholeheartedly thank you brethren scattered across the globe for the cards, letters and E-mails expressing your loving concern and assurance of your continual prayers for my complete healing," he wrote.

"We have received well over 1,100 signatures from brethren, including ministers from various congregations of the Churches of God. We deeply appreciate your support and prayers."

Mr. McNair noted that God's servants must sometimes suffer debilitating health problems.

"During the long history of God's true Church," he wrote, "some of God's servants have suffered serious illnesses. The Bible says that the Prophet Elisha died of some kind of illness."

Mr. McNair encouraged his supporters to travel to various Feast sites, even though he would not be able to be with them.

"Many of you will be disappointed in having to observe this Feast in your own homes or with another Church of God group,"he said.

"Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul observed God's Feasts with the Jews who did not accept or practice a number of important Truths, which Christ and His apostles held dear."

Mr. McNair noted that his illness had made it impossible lately for him to walk, but "I am hopeful that God will strengthen me so that my wife and I will not have to observe this Feast alone in our home . . . I thank God that this illness has not affected my mental capacity to worship God and serve Him, thereby preventing my wife and me from carrying on with important ministerial duties."

Mr. McNair mentioned The Journal in his letter, quoting a comment from a supporter in Australia:

"I had the chance to read your article in The Journal [November-December 2005 issue] about not idolizing ministers and thought it was absolutely 'spot on' as they say down here. I don't think you could have put it any better. Well done! I hope that some of the ministry will read it."

Write Mr. and Mrs. McNair at P.O. Box 893909, Temecula, Calif. 92589, U.S.A. Visit the church's Web site at

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