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Notes and Quotes from the church of God - Issue 110
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Notes and Quotes

Paul Zapf dies

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga.--Paul Joseph Zapf, 63, died Feb. 5 of an apparent heart attack.

Mr. Zapf, a former elder of the Worldwide Church of God and the Associated Churches of God, was born in Festus, Mo., June 8, 1942. When he was 15 he and his family began attending services of the Radio Church of God, including festivals near Big Sandy, Texas.

When Mr. Zapf came to Ambassador College, Pasadena, Calif., in 1958 at age 16, he was the youngest student to have entered AC.

The WCG's Web site noted that Mr. Zapf is credited with beginning the selling of concession-stand items by students during the annual Rose Parade to help pay for student activities including field trips.

He is survived by five children, Aletha Zapf Buckley, Katrina Zapf-McMillan, Elizabeth Triplett, Derek Zapf and Carita Zapf; six grandchildren; his former wife, Patsy McHale; and a sister, Sarah Sneider.

Dwight Armstrong hymns shift to public domain

GLENDORA, Calif.--Worldwide Church of God officials announced June 26 that they have placed all hymns composed by Dwight Armstrong for which it owns the copyright into the public domain.

Effective immediately, any person or group that wishes to copy or use these hymns may do so without receiving permission from the church, according to an announcement on the WCG's Web site,

"Time has proven that numerous persons wish to use these hymns in praise and worship, and the church wishes to facilitate such use," said Joseph Tkach Jr., church president and chairman.

The WCG announcement noted that the hymns it has released are only those by Mr. Armstrong for which the church holds the copyright.

"No other hymns or materials of any kind are being placed into the public domain, and the responsibility is on the user to ascertain whether the work it wishes to use is one of the released hymns," the announcement said. statistics

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.--The Journal's webmaster, Alan Ruth, has released statistics about this newspaper's Web site ( for the period January to June 2006.

Mr. Ruth noted that during that time:

o The site attracted 175,922 actual visitors.

o A total of 944,327 site articles and study materials (page views) were requested by visitors.

o The site is running 66 percent above the same period last year in terms of number of visitors attracted.

o The site is 63 percent above the same period last year in terms of number of pages (articles) viewed., based on this year's averages, is projected to attract more than 353,000 visitors and have 1.9 million of its pages viewed.

If these projections hold true, the site in 2006 will be at least 53 percent above 2005 visitor totals and at least 39 percent above 2005 page-view totals.

Old Global

SYDNEY, Australia--Literature of the old Global Church of God based in the United States "must be some of the best that the various COGs ever produced," said Craig White.

Mr. White has posted much of it at

It includes booklets, magazines and the church's doctrinal statement.

Labor Day get-together

BIG SANDY, Texas--The Church of God Big Sandy plans a family-oriented social event for the Labor Day holiday, Monday, Sept. 4.

It will take place in the building owned by the Church of God Big Sandy, on Highway 80 just west of town, from 4 to 9 p.m.

The activities will feature food, indoor and outdoor family games (including a rock-climbing wall for the kids) and bands (including Mountain Thunder and Highway 80) playing family-friendly music.

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