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A Living Church of God member's book tells insider's story of tragic events of March 2005 (Brookfield, Wisconsin shooting)
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A Living Church of God member's book tells insider's story
of tragic events of March 2005

SULLIVAN, Wis.--Tom Geiger is a good man to tell the story of the massacre in a Sheraton hotel in a Milwaukee suburb a little over a year ago. He's a talker, and he's a writer. He is also profoundly affected by the deaths of eight fellow Living Church of God members during that Sabbath service in Brookfield, Wis., on March 12, 2005.

Now 58-year-old Mr. Geiger tells the story in printed words and pictures while filling in many of the blanks about the events surrounding the tragedy, which began when a close friend shot and killed eight church members and then himself.

Among the slain was Bart Oliver, Mr. Geiger's 15-year-old nephew.

Besides telling what happened, Mr. Geiger wants his readers to hear "what we can learn from the experience," he told a writer for The Journal.

"As horrible as this was, we need to see how God can turn this tragedy into not only a learning experience but help us see a future where this can never happen again."

Mr. Geiger offers a special price for his new book, Martyrdom in Milwaukee, to readers of The Journal: $12 a copy plus $3 shipping per order for up to four copies. For more than four, shipping is free.

Journal readers may contact him directly at N3869 Jefferson St., Sullivan, Wis. 53178, U.S.A. He accepts orders through PayPal at, but the special pricing is available only by postal mail.

"Some in Living and some in other of the groups who have read it are really happy I wrote it," he said. "I think it can kind of soften the edges between people. The book will maybe help us in the Churches of God come together a little bit."

Mr. Geiger's work on behalf of Martyrdom in Milwaukee includes interviews and talk-show appearances.

For full news coverage of the events of March 2005, see The Journal of March 31, 2005.

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