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Announcements, Prayer Requests and Obituaries - Issue 106
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The Journal: Announcements, Prayer Requests and Obituaries
Issue 106
Prayer Requests
Ken Gordon, 2301 SE 177th Ave., Silver Springs, FL 34488, disc surgery recovery.

Rich Griffiths, suffering back pain.

Erika Haeaszdos, Voklabruch, Austria, tumor surgery recuperation.

Bob Hart, Walthena, KS, can't work, insurance meager; wife in poor health.

Linda Sue Brock, heart problems.

Marian Collins underwent surgery for kidney cancer, but doctors found only a large calcium deposit. Thank you for your prayers.

Kurtis Ranselle, Elmont, NY, cancer of the larnyx.

Janine Ziomek-Witek, 165 Stanislas St. No. 1, Buffalo, NY 14212, experiencing health problems and would appreciate cards of encouragement.

Peggy Dowell, sister of Gary DePriest, Squaw Valley, CA, lump in lung, advanced stage of cancer, inoperable, chemotherapy started.

Ellsworth and Delores Eggleston, 582 CR 2412, Pittsburg, TX 75451, both had bad falls.

Rod England, PO Box 23003, Glade Park, CO 81523, cancer.

Lisa Fitch, collapsed lung, situation critical.
Prayer Requests
Robert Goldman, son is a victim of Katrina, still missing.

M.R. Hubert, 5 Buddah St., Chennai 600024, India, more than 3,000 people affected by recent storms and flooding.

Janie Huffman, benign thyroid nodule.

Faye Kirkbride, 923 Kaufman St., Mt. Vernon, TX, previous surgery not healing. Skin graft pending.

Charlotte Ladnier, Grand Bay, AL, recuperating from heart bypass surgery.

Sandra Lucas, 52, cancer, undergoing chemotherapy.

Byron Norrod (son of Byron and Cathy), serious infection from scrape on hand.

Bettyann, 68, Scotts Valley, CA, a friend of Lisa Coker, recurring head and neck pain caused from lesions in her spine.

Rose Gardner, Memphis, TN, fluid around heart and ankles.

Sharon McMahon, 4907 Hackamore Dr. S., Colorado Springs, CO 80918, cyst on her ovary.

David Moore, Marceline, MO, suffered serious injuries due to a truck/train accident. He was airlifted to Missouri University Hospital.

Harold Treybig

With a mixture of sadness and relief, the Treybig family reported that Harold Treybig died Dec. 18, 2005 at 8:08 PM from prostate cancer. The funeral was held Dec. 21, 2005, at the United Church of God in Humble, Texas

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