United Church of God Elders say move office to Cincinnati
March 12 report

LOUISVILLE, Ky.--Results of the voting at the general conference of elders of the United Church of God are in, as of the afternoon of Wednesday, March 12, and the biggest news is that elders voted by a 53 percent to 47 percent, 190-170, to move the home office from Arcadia, just east of Pasadena, Calif., to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Other ballot results are as follows:

  • The strategic plan was approved 310-55, with 85 percent voting for approval.

  • The operations plan was approved 307-59, with 84 percent voting for the plan.

  • The 1997-98 budget was approved 208-156, 57 percent.

  • The constitutional amendment to prohibit the president from serving simultaneously on the council of elders failed 154-210, with 58 percent voting against it. The amendment required a two-thirds majority to pass. Supporters of the amendment, proposed by Dave Havir, pastor of the Big Sandy, Texas, congregation, note that 42 percent did support the proposal.

  • The amendment to limit the terms of council members failed 125-241, with 66 percent voting against it.

  • A budget resolution to allow a budgeted item to go 5 percent over budget passed 194-165, with 54 percent voting to pass it.

  • The "sharing resolution" failed 122-240, with 66 percent voting against it.

  • Voting to extend the "provisional amendment process" passed 321-37, with 90 percent casting ballots in favor of it.

  • Several technical amendments to the constitution, voted on as a package, passed 333-9, with 97 percent of the elders in favor of them.

A significant outcome of the voting process, compared with the ballot results at the Cincinnati conference in December 1995, is the percentages. All proposals in Cincinnati were much more lopsided, with measures passing at that time with more than 95 percent majorities.

This information was released by Gerald Seelig, secretary to the council of elders and the general conference of elders.

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