What's in issue No. 59, dated Dec. 31, 2001?

Relatives express concern about the move of several Church of God families to Utah. Rumors are that the group--A Congregation of God--believes a corner of Utah is destined to serve as the place of safety. So The Journal asked the congregation's pastor about that. See the print version of The Journal for the full story, including interviews with congregation leaders and relatives of members who are making the move.

A reunion of Ambassador University students and faculty members in Nashville is postponed.

Answered prayer leads to a couple's love and marriage. Debbie Witt, who has been the focus of several Journal articles, weds Frank Cykowski. Bill Stough, who gave away the bride, reports. See also the print version of The Journal for photo coverage of the wedding.

A Church of God speaker urges "balance" in the use of the "sacred names." Herb Solinsky, who grew up in a Jewish family in New York City in the 1950s and 1960s and who likes to refer to the Messiah as Yeshua, presents his view to a Church of God fellowship in East Texas. Although he says Yahweh and Yeshua, his take on the sacred names may not be what you'd expect. If you would like to understand more about why Mr. Solinsky thinks many of the brethren are interested in the "sacred names," be sure to see the print version of The Journal for the article and for photo coverage of Mr. Solinsky's seminar on a Sabbath in December.

An elder of the Church of God (Seventh Day) headquartered in Denver, Colo., explains why he left the church. The Journal talks with Steve Kurtright and another CG7 member, Alan Knight, about Mr. Kurtright's decision and the CG7's stance on law and grace. See the print version of The Journal.

The founder of the Association for Christian Development, an Ambassador College graduate and former Worldwide Church of God pastor, plans what he's calling a "one-God conference" for Seattle for April 26-28, 2002. The Journal interviews Mr. Westby about his "monotheistic," or "unitarian," views and his plans for three days of seminars.

In the same issue, Jim Ross presents the traditional WCG view of the nature of the Savior: Jesus was both God and man when He walked the earth.

For Mr. Westby's and Mr. Ross's differing views (in Mr. Westby's interview and Mr. Ross's essay), see the print version of The Journal.

In columns and commentaries for the December issue, Richard Heath tells how to tithe under the Old Testament and New Testament; Patrick Banks Sr. says you would not be here if it weren't for Herbert W. Armstrong; Dave Havir has visions of people waiting for a phone call to let them know it's time to flee; and Brian Knowles says "toxic faith" can be a shock to the system. Another editorialist, Robert Williams, comments on a previous Brian Knowles column in which Mr. Knowles warned the brethren about postmodern philosophies and methods.

Letters to the editor include a note of thanks from Alisa Repp's family, a comment on Genesis 6 and Noah's perfection in his generations and reaction to Garner Ted Armstrong's sermon about the spirit in man that was quoted in the November issue.

A Big Sandy congregation sponsors a weekend of sermons, songs and seminars in December. See also the print version of The Journal for photos of the brethren participating in that yearly event.

In this issue, The Journal wraps up its Feast of Tabernacles reports for 2001, at least theoretically. The Journal admits that another report or two could straggle in and appear in January's issue. You just never know.

A new Web site caters to music lovers in the Churches of God.

A fellowship in Texas promotes Hanukkah as Christian. See the print version of The Journal.

In Connections, Darlene warns her readers of the nightmare on Catalpa Road.

In "Notes and Quotes," Ken Westby announces Ernest Martin's plans to speak during services of Mr. Westby's Virtual Church. However, that has all changed because Dr. Martin died Jan. 15. Read this special online version of "Notes and Quotes" for this and other late-breaking reports (some of which do not appear in the December print version).

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