Old friends to reunite

By Dixon Cartwright

TYLER, Texas-Some old friends are getting together for a reunion in November, and you're invited.

Connie Beal Rhome of Tyler saw the article about the reunion of the 1967 graduating class of Imperial School in the July 31 issue of The Journal and asked her friend Anita Parrish Pierce to call this newspaper to help get the word out about Mrs. Rhome's and Ms. Pierce's plans for a reunion.

Mrs. Rhome has been working on the project for a year and a half. She and her friends call it simply the Friends Reunion. It's scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 8, beginning at 6 p.m. in the Sheraton Tyler Hotel, 5701 S. Broadway, in Tyler.

It started out as plans to reunite one-time Imperial School students, but then some former Ambassador College students asked if they could come, "and then we decided there were church friends that didn't go to either place that we would like to see, and it has really grown," said Ms. Pierce.

The organizers, who also include Sandy Boyce Brazil, have compiled a list of 200-plus people they have mailed information to, but any former Imperial or Ambassador student or member of the Worldwide Church of God or one of the groups with their origins in the WCG is invited.

"A final announcement will be sent to our mailing list in mid-September," said Mrs. Rhome. "This will include the information you will need as well as what the cost for a person or couple will be."

The three ladies also want to release the information to The Journal, which plans to run it in its September issue.

Ms. Pierce, the daughter of the late longtime AC campus physician and faculty member Wilmer Parrish, asked that The Journal's Web site, , publish more information on the gathering as it becomes available.

"We have been reuniting friends when possible," Ms. Pierce said, "but have not been able to locate the following people that we have had inquiries about."

She asks for help in finding Chuck Green, Ronnie and Pam Pierce, Dorothy Manteufel, Judy Mundt, Avon Pfund, Colleen Pfund, Mike Kusheba, Royce Rampy, Russell Bettis, Doug Ralph, Crystal Falk, Randy Schreiber, Paul Hunting, David Wells, Tom Carrozzo, Jill Hockwald, Mike Blackwell, Derrick Coker, Charlene Tisch, Chris Hunting, Larry Phillips, Jeff Zhorne, Mike Dale, Chuck Callahan, Rod Wilkinson, Les Stocker, Byron Duke, Ardella Anderson, Jim McNeese, Teri Haynes, Dana Bauer, Doug Horchak, Ken Mason, Sharon Carrington, Inez Crawford, Carol Caldwell, Donna Cauldwell, Mary Cauldwell, Cecelia Reese, Dan Orban, Chris French, Raymond Dyer, Ernie Turner and Sumpter Reed.

Mrs. Rhome said several people from Southern California have called to say they plan to travel to Texas to attend. She expects "100-plus at least" to show up, "and I think I'm being conservative."

To cover costs, the three organizers are charging a fee of $18 per person. They will provide hors d'oeuvres and snacks, tea, coffee and a cash bar, and they have lined up a local radio personality as deejay for a dance in the hotel.

A special rate on rooms at the Sheraton is available for the reunion. Mrs. Rhome recommends making reservations before Oct. 24. Call (903) 561-5800, she says, and mention the Friends Reunion.

A related get-together for early arrivals will take place at 10 Saturday morning in the Broadway South Restaurant in the hotel.

For still more information, write Mrs. Rhome at 16606 Overland Stage, Tyler, Texas 75703; call her at (903) 581-1475 or (903) 759-9390; or E-mail her at

Call Ms. Boyce at (903) 595-4980.

Or contact Ms. Pierce at P.O. Box 247, Big Sandy, Texas 75755; (903) 636-4011, extension 652; or

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