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Prayer requests

Bay, Gwen, 34 Wyatt Crescent, South Burnie, Tas. 7320, Australia, aggressive breast cancer.

Bunn, Ginny, awaiting surgery for breast malignancy.

Cabrera, Chester, 1304 W. 10th St., Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455, melanoma cancer.

Caughfield, Sue, PO Box 842, Omaha, TX 75571, high cholesterol, inactive thyroid, kidney problems.

Esposito, Don and Petra, extended missionary trip in Israel.

Geiger, Hal, N5396 Hwy. P, Helenville, WI 53137, heart attack, stable condition, intensive care unit.

Gray, Eve, Sydney, Australia, cervical cancer.

Hall, Tim, Piggott, AR, food poisoning.

Kisser, Alex, 11, Saskatchewan, Canada, broken hip due to tractor accident, serious condition.

Manning, Victoria, 12, Anne, OH (granddaughter of Charles and Mary Sliger), ill for several days, suspect thryroid problems.

Sliger, Charles and Mary, ask prayers for the safety of their two children serving in the Armed Forces. Also, Mary has large lump on her head.

Thomas, James Earl, Mobile, AL, possible colon cancer.

Thompson, Marilyn (wife of Roosevelt), bedridden with multiple sclerosis.

Traylor, Marla, 14072 Ole Rd., Coden, AL 36523, 32, severely retarded since birth, more recent health problems.

Tucker, David, New Hampshire, unemployed.

Tucker, Sammy, 4 months, diagnosed with large hole in heart.

Webb, Jerry, Spokane, Washington, numerous tumors. Starting chemotherapy immediately.

Anderson, Blake, 45, Hunker, PA, cancer.

Armstrong, Ben, c/o James Armstrong, 156 Springtree Lane, Everton, AR 72633, recuperating from head trauma and crushed arm.

Belcher, Floyd Jr., RR 1 Cooksville, TX 75558, lost three grandchildren ages 13, 10 and 9 due to automobile accident.

Cooper, Gary and Ann, college-bound son died in auto accident.

Crockroft, George, brother-in-law of Robert Goodwin, lymphoma cancer, kidney failure.

Crow, Linden, PO Box 44, Lawley, AL 36793, breast cancer spreading.

Dunbar, Joni, 1312 Water St., Kerrville, TX 78028, chronic stomach problems, getting help in Washington state.

Echavarra, Joseph, 22, 1385 George Ives Rd., Marshall, TX 75670, severe pancreatic infection.

Ellis, Thelma, Rockford, IL, inoperable esophagus cancer.

Ellis, Justin, 15 (Thelma's great-grandson), emphysema.

Emerson, Annette, Springfield, MA, bruised rotator cuff, open sore on leg, broken shoulder, immobilized.

Ezell, Elaine, Email:, sister Sandra has cancer.

Hammond, Sue, working less hours, sister Mary unemployed.

Holcomb, Cathy, 830 W. 11th St., Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455, MD and diabetes.

Insall, Buster, 2021 CR 2515, Leesburg, TX 74551, last stages of lung cancer.

Jebens, Werner (father of Gloria Sexton), prostate cancer spreading.

Kloss, Gerald, potential prostate problem.

MacFaden, Lloyd, Leesburg, TX, leukemia.

Mastropaolo, Diane, Little Rock, AR, cancer in bone, breast and head.

Murphy, Wayne, newborn son of Thomas Murphy, meningitis.

Murrey, Pat, 515 Peterson Rd., Ontario, OR 97914, Stage 4 uterine cancer spread to lungs.

Osborn, Melinda, Austin, TX, pinched nerve in neck.

Outter, Pamela, Chicago, IL, needs better job and place to live.

Powell, Carrie, Email:, requests prayers for Jared.

Robenette, Tabatha, 10, bacterial fungus in ear.

Savannah, Joyce E., 1717 S. 281st Place No. 57, Federal Way, WA 98003, many health problems, toxemia.

Tarkney, Linda, Waynesville, OH, melanoma cancer, Crones disease.

Thomas, Don, Mobile, AL area, recovering from bacteria in blood.

Thompson, Homer, Bristol, TN, congestive heart failure.

Vidal, Stacee, c/o Advantech Automation Corporation, 412 Kato Terrace, Freemont, CA 94539, five relatives in WTC, 2 survived.

Weiner, Paul, 5, Pennsylvania, c/o Darwin and Laura Lee, PO Box 2333, Bismarck, ND 58502, brain cancer in remission.

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