'Mad' for Sabbatarians available from G&S

GILLETTE, Wyo.--Rev. Twistruth and His Disciples, a comic book by Daniel Botkin, is a "hilarious" way to learn a lesson about the law of God, says Richard Nickels of Giving & Sharing, which is promoting the new book.

Mr. Botkin, who lives with his family in East Peoria, Ill., is an artist, cartoonist, Messianic pastor and magazine editor.

"Although not in our Church of God tradition," said Mr. Nickels, Mr. Botkin "follows the zany practice of Mad magazine and Basil Wolverton [a writer and cartoonist for the Worldwide Church of God many years ago]. Rev. Twistruth is a typical Protestant minister who attacks God's law--is anti-Torah."

The magazine's portrayal of the Rev. Twistruth's "antics and absurdities," said Mr. Nickels, "helps us understand the shameful, yet hilarious, tendency of carnal human beings to rebel against the Almighty."

Mr. Botkin and his wife, Teresa, spent two years in Israel in the early '80s, where they taught young people Hebrew and worked on a kibbutz. They did missionary work in Mexico after leaving Israel and in 1988 traveled to India to preach and teach.

In 1992 the Botkin family moved to New York, where they lived in a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood.

While they were in New York, the Messianic congregation the Botkins attended ordained him as an elder.

In 1995 they moved to Illinois and began publishing Gates of Eden, a bimonthly magazine, and started Gates of Eden Messianic Congregation, which Mr. Botkin pastors.

Mr. Botkin was recently elected to the board of directors of the Bible Sabbath Association.

Rev. Twistruth and His Disciples is an 80-page book of cartoons available for a "suggested donation" of $10 from Giving & Sharing, P.O. Box 100, Neck City, Mo. 64849, U.S.A.

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