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WCG-PCG hearing set

PASADENA, Calif.--The legal department of the Worldwide Church of God says a hearing to seek a declaratory judgment regarding the copyright of 18 booklets and other works of WCG founder Herbert W. Armstrong that the Philadelphia Church of God of Edmond, Okla., wants to publish was rescheduled from Aug. 8 to Sept. 24.

WCG employee Earl Reese said that, if the court rules in the WCG's favor, litigation would end except for a trial on the California church's claim for damages allegedly resulting from the Oklahoma church's unauthorized printing and distributing of Mr. Armstrong's book Mystery of the Ages.

Telephone service

CARSON CITY, Nev.--A new weekly telephone hookup for Sabbath services is available from Dean Neal of Carson City. The services, each Sabbath from 1 to 3 p.m. Pacific time, are "open to all," Mr. Neal said.

Call (918) 222-7001, then enter code 6444#.

LifeNets helps brethren in Guatemala, El Salvador

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Ohio--Victor and Beverly Kubik traveled to El Salvador and Guatemala Aug. 17-22 to assess relief efforts there in the aftermath of recent earthquakes. The Kubiks, who operate the LifeNets ministry, took white shirts, toys and 37 pairs of eyeglasses to be distributed during the Feast of Tabernacles in October. Mr. Kubik, is also a member of the United Church of God's council of elders.

Broadcast and Feast news

TYLER, Texas--Beginning Sept. 2, Canada VTV (Vision Television) was to begin airing the Church of God International's Armor of God telecast Sunday mornings.

The CGI has also announced that for residents of the Selma, Calif., area who cannot attend the full Feast of Tabernacles elsewhere, services will take place in Selma on the holy days, Oct. 2 and 9. For more information call Dean Roberts at (209) 723-8707.

Portunes have web site

WARNER SPRINGS, Calif.--Former Worldwide Church of God elders Albert and John Portune have a new Web site. The address is The Portunes left the Worldwide Church of God in the 1970s.

CLA offers course for sale

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.--The Christian Leadership Academy, based here, is making available its Level 1 ("Leadership Theory") tapes and workbook of its Pursuit of Truth study course to groups and individuals.

Call (888) 776-0002 for more information, or write P.O. Box 8654, Hot Springs, Ark., U.S.A.

Arvidson-Westby interview

AUBURN, Wash.--Pax Television's popular series Encounters With the Unexplained interviewed Church of God researcher Gary Arvidson of Kings Mountain, N.C., in August. Pax, based in West Palm Beach, Fla., talked with Mr. Arvidson about his theories of the location and description of King David's tomb and "buried treasure" he thinks is in the tomb.

Mr. Arvidson's book on the subject, to be published soon, came to the attention of Grizzly Adams Productions of Loveland, Colo., which produces the series of the same name for Pax.

A film crew from Grizzly Adams traveled to the office of the Association for Christian Development here for the interview. The ACD is the ministry of Church of God member Ken Westby, who founded it in the 1970s. The program will air sometime this fall.

For another Pax program, with the working title "A Prayer Curriculum," a crew from the network also interviewed Mr. Westby.

Mr. Westby said the latter interview lasted about 40 minutes, and he does not know when that program will air.

COGwriter counts 13,000 sessions

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif.--Living Church of God member Robert Thiel reports that his COGwriter Web site ( had 13,000 measured user sessions in July (the site does not count all "hits").

"The site is highly supportive of the Living Church of God," said Dr. Thiel, and "contains news of interest to those in the Churches of God," including doctrinal articles, and "may have the most documented articles on the doctrinal teachings of various COGs."

The site's mission is "to help unite the remnant of the Philadelphia era of the Church."

"News events, such as the CGCF [Church of God a Christian Fellowship] break-up, tend to increase visits to the site," Dr. Thiel told The Journal.

Altered Feast plans

AKRON, Ohio--A Feast of Tabernacles observance has been canceled because of "low response," said organizers Ed Schneider and Will Blair.

But "there are plans on having services on the high holy days," said Mr. Schneider.

For information call (330) 762-7964 or visit

'In Him' online

BROOKLYN, N.Y.--In Him newsletter is online at

"You can now read our back issues, request prayer, send suggestions and subscribe or renew your subscription all from the comfort of your home," said publisher Gilford Monrose.

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