Eight Church of God members die,
20 families homeless in earthquake-wracked El Salvador

DENVER, Colo.--At least eight Church of God members died in the earthquake and aftershocks that struck El Salvador Jan. 13, reports Bill Hicks, missions-abroad director of the Denver Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day).

In a request to Church of God members and congregations Jan. 17, Mr. Hicks, who lives in Bristol, Tenn., said the president of the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) in El Salvador, Alfredo Castellon, described the situation in his country as "difficult here at the moment."

"We have a lot of damage and some deaths in our church areas," Mr. Castellon said. "We have limited resources and will need any help that anyone can give us at this time."

The CG7 has at least 98 congregations in the small Central American nation.

As of late January, damage and casualties affecting CG7 members were reported as eight dead; four church buildings damaged or destroyed (at Comasagua, Izotes, Rio Frio and Santa Anna); more than 20 families homeless; and one child hospitalized.

The child reportedly was flown by helicopter to the nation's capital, San Salvador, in critical condition.

"Because of the extent of the damages, we are asking congregations to take up offerings to assist our sister conferences there to meet the challenges ahead," said Mr. Hicks. "Please be in prayer."

Donations to help the CG7 brethren may be sent to Disaster Relief Fund, El Salvador Church of God (Seventh Day), P.O. Box 33677, Denver, Colo. 80233, U.S.A.

The Journal has also seen a report from United Church of God elder Herbert Cisneros of San Salvador, El Salvador, who communicated that some church members' dwellings had been demolished but no one suffered bodily injury among the several UCG members who live in El Salvador.

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