Church of God wants to proclaim the Kingdom

BURLESON, Texas--Burleson has a new congregation: the Church of God Proclaiming the Kingdom. The church incorporated recently and, according to organizers, is a "doctrinal-based church accepting the restored doctrines of recent decades and preached by Jesus Christ, the original apostles and the New Testament church."

The mission of the church is to provide for the needs of the church membership and proclaim the Kingdom of God to the world, said Rod Lewis of Burleson.

"The church plans to accomplish this through Proclamation magazine, Proclamation television and radio programs and public speaking," he said.

The Church of God Proclaiming the Kingdom accepts the teaching that all believers, even women, have a voice in church decisions (Acts 1:14), said Mr. Lewis.

"The church also complies with the scriptural basis for the role of women as advocated in 1 Timothy 2:9-11 and finds no scriptural basis for women to preach," said Mr. Lewis.

"The church-administrative offices are located in Burleson, Texas, but their headquarters are in heaven with their founder, Jesus Christ," Mr. Lewis said.

For more information contact Church of God Proclaiming the Kingdom, P.O. Box 1628, Burleson, Texas 79096, U.S.A.

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